The world of L&D was turned upside-down last year, with deep impact in every industry. The tried and trusted training delivery methods that were popular were no longer reliable. The rate of digital transformation accelerated. The business’s adopted new digital practices to adapt to the changes brought on by the pandemic.

Last year, organizations focused on quickly converting their instructor-led training courses into online learning programs to continue training. Early on, the hope was that things would return to normal soon.

Now in 2021, organizations are no longer planning on a return to the learning solutions of the past. The need for reskilling has boomed. Digital fluency, security, and soft skills are high in demand. Compliance training has become critical for keeping employees up-to-date with changing health and safety practices.

Forward-thinking organizations are now developing new custom eLearning solutions that build business resilience in preparation for the post Covid19 workforce.

Developing New eLearning Strategies for Business Resilience

Learning and development initiatives have become essential in driving change and adapting to the current business scenario. Quick content conversions will not be enough moving forward. Organizations need new eLearning strategies that support their company’s business goals.

Strategy Tips for a Higher Return on Your Investment

An outcomes-based approach for more effective learning solutions

Utilizing an outcomes-based approach in the eLearning development process maximizes the effectiveness of your learning solutions. Each piece of eLearning content should support your organization’s goals and objectives.

Preparing for flexible workplace models

Select eLearning course formats that support flexible workplace models can help your business prepare for the future of work. Many organizations are now considering or implementing flexible workplace models where employees work from home and the office alternately.

Analytics and optimization have become game-changers

Integrating regularly scheduled evaluations of your eLearning programs can help your business keep up with any changes that may occur. Analytics can help improve your training programs by bringing useful learner patterns or course issues to light. This improves training quality and ensures that issues are resolved quickly.

Custom eLearning Development Solutions for Modern Learners

Developing a solid eLearning strategy for resilience is just the start. Selecting engaging training formats and methods that meet the needs of today’s workforce is the next step in creating a quality eLearning design. There are several methods to choose from today. However, there are three specific training trends that are highly useful when it comes to meeting the needs of learners today.


Utilizing a microlearning format to break down training into small digestible chunks is one way learning experts are creating high-quality eLearning programs. Microlearning content is cost-effective, can be developed quickly and updated easily. This format helps learning managers provide more personalized experiences for individual learners and work training into the flow of work.

Mobile learning

Designing customized eLearning courses with a mobile-first approach can help your business connect with learners no matter their location. Mobile learning gives employees access to training materials at their fingertips, increasing engagement and completion rates.

Personalized learning journeys

Today’s workforce has diverse learning needs. Employees frequently have different levels of experience and learning styles. A one size fits all approach to program development is not suitable for meeting these needs. Developing personalized journeys by creating role-based learning tracks can help improve training relevance and speed up the entire process.

Wrap Up

If you are like the many other organizations looking for training solutions that drive business performance and increase resilience, you might want to consider creating custom eLearning courses. Custom eLearning course development is quick and cost-effective. Well-designed eLearning solutions can help you engage learners no matter their location. They can also be tracked, evaluated, and optimized to help you keep courses relevant and maximize your ROI. Learn more about custom eLearning solutions and read the eBook The All-In-One Microlearning Playbook.

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