In modern, dynamic work settings, the success or failure of an organization hinges on the quality of its talent acquisition and management processes. With an economic downturn on the horizon, all eyes have turned toward the next move of hiring managers. The probability of having a recession within a year is 100%, and the ongoing great resignation is nudging the hiring managers to build robust and sustainable talent strategies. The time has come when organizations should embrace agile talent solutions to build an intelligent workplace and stay on the ball in the talent acquisition landscape.

Organizations can win this talent war game by re-strategizing their talent acquisition for an agile and ever-evolving workforce.

Broaden the Talent Horizon

Hiring managers today are working in a volatile and disruptive L&D talent landscape. As the number of people with niche skills starts to shrink, the time has come that organizations should rethink how to leverage both new and existing L&D talent. They should consider factors like flexibility, location, hours, part-time vs. full-time, and in-house vs. outsourced to find the right talent.

Consider Predictive Analytics in Hiring

Transitioning from traditional hiring methods that focus on the organization to ones that focus on the candidate will speed up the hiring process. Talent managers should use a market-based, rather than a requisition-based, hiring strategy.

Move to Continuous Talent Acquisition

Shifting from fixed planning and resourcing to continuous and consistent hiring will enhance adaptability. Getting bottom-up recruiting projections regularly and changing roles or reassigning employees to meet changing needs can help win the game.

Nurture In-house Talent

Focusing on securing the talent that is already in-house and building their capabilities is the basic thing a talent manager can do. Organizations need to equip themselves with a shift in mindset, a redefinition of KPIs, and a change in management.

Integrate Flex Culture

Integrating freedom and flexibility is critical to agile talent strategy. Using the right practices and establishing an environment where everyone can achieve their best results can lead to increased creativity, production, and teamwork.

Invest in Employee Value Proposition

Making the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) clear to find and retain the right learning talent. Investing in the right pieces of the EVP puzzle and strengthening it will help enhance business performance and make organizations stand out from competitors.

Upskilling, Reskilling and Broadskilling

According to Aon’s Talent Transformation Study, 50% of all employees will need reskilling by 2025. 67% of organizations focus on reskilling and upskilling their workforce to be future-ready. Shifting deliberately to an agile and flexible learning culture is essential during disruption and transformation. Learning leaders must understand that their current L&D talent is future-ready with the relevant skills and capabilities required to navigate the change.


Hiring is essential to an organization’s culture and success in a downturn. There is no way to predict when the next recession will occur as, till now, we have heard about the probability, but being prepared can help lessen the likelihood of adverse effects. Hiring managers must put much effort into building their workforce utilizing agile L&D talent solutions. All the work they put into planning their talent acquisition strategy will pay off in the long run.

Hiring an external L&D partner is a perfect choice for organizations to cater to their perplexed talent demands in such turbulent times. A talent outsourcing partner is an extension of an organization’s human resources department, taking care of end-to-end hiring processes. At Infopro Learning, we plan customized and innovative approaches to support each organization’s learning talent requirements. For more than a decade, we have been helping companies of all sizes build their talent pool efficiently and cost-effectively.

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