Technological disruptions will continue to upheaval the corporate world even in 2024. With a major shift towards hybrid work environments, companies constantly need to retain their top talent, upskill their existing workforce, and focus more on technological advancements and personal developments. This indicates that organizations must adopt innovative learning talent trends in 2024 to enhance employee experience and enable business success.

Most companies today are discovering innovative learning talent solutions which may bring something new to the table in the coming year. They are also keeping a close eye on how these trends will impact talent acquisition, workplace culture, and the overall future of business.

Top learning or L&D talent acquisition trends to look out for in 2024 are as follows:

Growing Need for Internal Mobility

The current scenario showcases the need for companies to improve the career paths for their employees so they stay. This also increases the need to upskill and reskill the existing workforce to reduce the attrition rate. Corporate leaders may organize training sessions or certification programs on project management, analytics, etc., to improve their employees’ skill sets and encourage internal mobility.

They may utilize predictive analytical tools to gauge their workforce strengths, identify skill gaps, and create custom career paths for personalized goals and interests. This enables skilled employees to move up the ladder within their organization and perform better.

The growing need to invest in internal mobility will enable organizations to leverage their top talent, improve workforce loyalty, and open new job roles to meet critical business needs. LinkedIn’s 2023 Workplace Learning report shows a 75% chance that employees who transition internally within their first two years at a company will remain, marking a significant increase compared to the 56% retention rate for employees who stay in the same role.

Increasing Shift Towards Data-driven Recruiting

Companies adopting a data-driven learning talent acquisition approach in the coming year may need help retaining the best talent and hiring the right candidates for the right job roles.

In 2024, most business leaders will focus on hiring people who have both technology-inclined and data-driven mindsets. So, the adoption of data-driven recruitment strategies will become the new norm. This means organizations will assess real-time data such as metrics on growth pipeline, costs of new employee hiring, feedback scoring, and others to automate the hiring process and improve retention rates.

Greater Focus on Employee Well-being

Employee well-being has been a major concern for companies over the last three years. Business leaders from talent recruitment and HR departments had to do their best to meet lofty business objectives while shifting towards a remote work environment and ensuring employee wellness.

The focus will continue to rise in 2024 as employers encourage work-life integration so employees can work during flexible hours without hampering their responsibilities. This will boost employee productivity and job satisfaction without impacting employees’ mental health.

Increasing Collaboration Between Talent Recruitment and Management

Most companies do not link the functions of talent recruiters and talent managers. However, with an increasing number of resignations and continuous disruption, the market has changed drastically.

Companies must build better collaboration between learning talent recruiters and managers in the coming year. This will ensure a successful employee journey within an organization from hiring to onboarding and the overall lifecycle. As a result, employees will feel motivated and more valued while leveraging career development opportunities.

Calling Back Boomerang Workforce

Earlier, switching jobs or early retirement sounded great for many people. But, with the changing business conditions, many retirees are returning to their former companies, and this trend will continue to rise.

Furthermore, former employees returning to their old workplaces offer companies a valuable yet underutilized source of talent in today’s competitive job market. These “boomerang employees,” who leave and then rejoin a company for various reasons, can be a quick and reliable solution to filling open positions.

In 2024, the scope of rehiring boomerang employees will continue to increase. This will be an added advantage for companies looking for employees whose skills perfectly match the business requirements. In fact, talent recruiters will collaborate more with former employees to identify their skill sets that fill the desired job roles and business demands.

The Final Word

2024 may face a huge economic downturn and inflation, so companies should prepare for even the worst scenario. It is time for recruiters to follow new talent acquisition trends and make smarter decisions to mitigate business risks. The focus for learning talent recruiters will be to encourage employee personal development, boost cross-functional collaboration, improve employee experience and wellbeing, and ultimately attain success.

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