The term shortage of learning talent will be one of the most important topics for L&D organizations in the upcoming year. Organizations are running out of skilled employees and are moving towards a period of economic and talent uncertainty. Hiring managers must work diligently to get the top L&D talent their organizations seek. An outsourced learning talent provider will help find (and retain) the best L&D talent and skills organizations need to thrive. The term is popularly known as staff augmentation.

Staff augmentation is like bringing in temporary help from outside to tackle specific tasks and meet project deadlines. It mixes your regular in-house team and external experts, each working on different project parts. Before diving in, you assess your current team and project to determine what extra skills are needed.

The awesome thing about this approach is that the extra employees you bring in aren’t permanent employees. They’re independent contractors, only called in and paid when you need them. So, ending the collaboration is straightforward because everyone knows it’s based on a per-project or per-engagement basis.

5 Ways External Learning Talent Providers Are Transforming Skilled Talent Hiring
A learning talent vendor or staff augmentation provider enables businesses to focus on other high-priority activities through recruitment analytics, robust candidate pipelines, proper sourcing, and reduced turnover. Many companies actively find the right candidates, with a particular emphasis on exploring the possibilities offered by talent outsourcing partners.

Organizations that partner with an external vendor for their L&D talent needs have access to extensive recruiting, marketing resources, modern technologies, and the ability to expand and react fast to ever-changing markets. Partnering with a learning talent provider is beneficial.

Following are the five reasons why:

Access to Expertise

Hiring skilled learning talent during a recession or disruption comes with multiple challenges. Hiring an external vendor or partner for the hiring needs will help organizations get a team of experienced professionals who care for the requirements.

Also, organizations can focus on achieving their strategic business objectives while the experts (external vendors) take care of the recruitment. An external learning talent provider or a staff augmentation vendor offers many benefits, including reducing premium costs, identifying individuals who share their values, and improving recruitment and retention for the organization.

Reduces Time to Hire

Reducing time is one of the primary reasons many organizations outsource their recruitment process nowadays. An external learning talent partner with expertise in hiring is clear about how time-consuming it is to screen, hire, and train new employees.

It is because they have robust processes, experience, and advanced technologies to find the right people for an organization in a timely and effective manner. In addition, an L&D talent vendor can help an organization determine the specific talent needs (both now and in the future) and provide a list of qualified applicants. Thus, saving a lot of current time and time in the future.

Opportunities for Cost Savings

Recession, mass resignations, and any major business upheaval bring a lot of economic disruptions that ask hiring managers to cut unnecessary expenses wherever they can. An L&D talent provider or a staff augmentation vendor takes all an organization’s long-term and short–term recruitment efforts. It includes the hiring and operational costs and costs during an economic turndown.

For instance, hiring managers may not have to spend money advertising open positions because the talent outsourcing vendor may cover this expense. Finding the right candidate also makes it easier for organizations to retain them for the long term. That way, organizations could spare themselves the potential financial fallout of losing the employee.

Access to Valuable Talent Insights

Successful workforce planning relies heavily on data-driven decisions that organizations can only collect when they source new candidates. An L&D talent provider pays close attention to market data that can enhance efficiency, pinpoint improvement areas, and suggest when a change in talent hiring strategy is required.

Enhanced Scalability

In times of uncertainty, organizations must be adaptable to survive. With fluctuating markets, it is easy to slip into the expensive cycle of hiring and training recruiters when talent needs grow and then laying them off when the need for talent drops. When organizations partner with an L&D talent provider, resources may be scaled up or down based on recruiting needs. The learning talent providers have the recruitment, technology, and knowledge required to provide cost-effective support for the shifting talent demands.

An external talent provider will also help enhance employer brand, candidate quality, improved recruitment efficiency, hiring manager satisfaction, and more.


Outsourcing L&D talent may be the most viable solution for addressing the current shortage that the L&D industry will experience. Outsourcing talent requirements to an L&D talent vendor or a staff augmentation provider helps reduce time-to-hire, and cost-to-hire, offers scalable support, valuable data insights, and expertise in tech and other talent-hiring capabilities.

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