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    The Advanced Guide to Top Your Customer Service Training Game

    Devising a customized training program to exceed customer expectations


Customer service has evolved as one of the key differentiators for consumers before making a business decision. The year 2020 was tumultuous and while businesses experienced many ups and downs, they must be more prepared than ever in 2021 in their Customer Service game.


According to a recent research, 78% of U.S. consumers discarded a planned purchase based on poor customer service – clearly highlighting its importance for organizations. Therefore, creating an effective customer service training plan should be priority for all organizations to ensure that every employee at workplace can meet and exceed the customers’ expectations.


Infopro Learning has consolidated its thoughts on identifying the challenges in your existing training plan and suggested the best industry practices to meet customer expectations. This eBook highlights the importance of experiential and blended learning in improving knowledge retention and learners’ engagement.


In this eBook, you will learn:

  • How to identify and solve problems with your customer service
  • Developing a customer service training plan
  • Four popular customer service training methods
  • Integrating blended learning
  • Benefits of experiential learning
  • Tips for setting KPIs

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