The need for high-quality employee development programs has grown exponentially over the last year. The pandemic caused the rate of digital transformations to accelerate drastically. Organizations had to quickly adapt and adopt digital solutions to move forward while safety restrictions were in place.

These digital transformations created a significant need for employees with entirely new skill sets. As a result, reskilling has now become a top business priority. In addition to the growing need for quality learning solutions, organizations are now dealing with another pressing matter. Today there is currently a growing demand for experienced learning talent, and many organizations are struggling to fill their training needs.

Many enterprise organizations are relying heavily on subject matter experts to train their workforce. However, there is another more effective solution available. Many outsourced training providers and managed learning services companies offer instructor facilitation services.

Subject Matter Experts vs. Professional Trainers What is the Difference?

Subject matter experts are highly skilled in their field of study. They are a trusted source of information and have a wealth of knowledge regarding the subjects they have mastered. However, they are often not highly skilled when it comes to training and development. They do not know the most effective learning strategies and tools within the training industry.

Professional trainers can deliver exceptional learning experiences because they are subject matter experts in learning and development. They have a deep understanding of the industry.

Learning professionals know the best ways to instruct modern learners. Industry knowledge is particularly relevant when it comes to custom learning programs with virtual instruction. Professional trainers know how to engage learners in virtual environments.

The Business Benefits of Choosing to Outsource Instructor Facilitation

Training outsourcing companies that provide instructor facilitation services can help your business in a variety of ways.

Increase Scalability

They improve your organization’s ability to scale its L&D teams when they need it most. It is common today for organizations to have fluctuating learning needs. They may need to launch a small training program at one point in the year and later need to establish an enterprise-wide program with an extensive geographic reach. Outsourcing gives your business the ability to scale without impacting the size of your internal teams.

Gain Access to Top Learning Talent

Many organizations already have a team of skilled trainers who need to learn new skills or use new tools for online training. Outsourced providers often offer training services that can help you train your internal team of trainers. Outsourced professionals can help them learn the skills they need to deliver online instruction successfully.

Improve the Recruiting Process

Outsourcing can also improve the recruiting process. An outsourced training partner will already have a built-in pipeline of learning talent and connections within the industry they can use to help you find the best talent. Experienced providers will also have a proven process they use to screen and interview potential trainers.

Streamline onboarding

Outsourced providers can also assist your organizations with all tasks and training needed during the onboarding process. Successful onboarding improves experiences for trainers, employees, and the organization as a whole because it impacts learner’s experiences and attrition rates. Working with an outsourced provider to onboard new instructors can help simplify the entire process. They will already have a structured process for effective onboarding reducing the workload of your internal teams.

In Conclusion

Digital transformation and disruption have recently impacted every industry, and change is expected to continue. Organizations with business-aligned learning strategies that enable them to train and reskill their workforce quickly will have a competitive advantage. They will have increased agility.

Outsourcing instructor facilitation can help your business build resilience and become more prepared for future changes. An outsourced provider will make it easier for your business to fill immediate training needs and talent gaps.

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