In today’s turbulent marketplace it is now more important than ever before to provide quality experiences for your employees. Employee retention rates hit a record low in March of 2020 (1).
87% of HR professionals consider employee retention to be the highest priority (2). This is likely due to the fact that attrition significantly impacts an organizations profits. In fact, improved retention rates can increase a company’s profits by as much as four times (3).

One of the best ways businesses can improve employee retention rates today is by focusing on providing quality employee experiences. This can be done by strategically implementing transformational HR practices.

Infopro Learning has more than 25 years of experience designing human capital solutions that drive employee engagement. We recently helped a business leader in the tech sector implement new HR technology. This technology was used to improve employee experiences. After implementation it was able to raise engagement and increase employee retention rates.

Solution Highlights
Infopro Learning helped to design and implement a new employee onboarding process for an award-winning IT company. This organization was experiencing high rates of employee turnover. They needed to update the entire onboarding process to improve new hire experiences.

One of the most common complaints included delayed response times from the HR department. Employees who were surveyed also expressed feeling frustrated by having limited access to information regarding company policies and procedures.

In addition to an updated onboarding process, they were in need of an HR transformation. We helped them put a chatbot called Leyla in place to assist them with several different hr functions and services. Leyla had 3 specific features that helped improve employee experiences. The chatbot came with pre-loaded intents, pre-built integrations and had adaptive capabilities.

Feature 1: Pre-loaded Intents
A user persona was used in Leyla’s design to give her a friendly life like character. Her intended use was to provide advisory services and to assist employees with their queries as quickly as possible.

Leyla came pre-loaded with more than 250 different intents to help kick start different potential conversations and scenarios. These intents were designed to help employees better navigate the onboarding process. Several intents were also created to answer more general questions about policies and procedures.

Feature 2: Pre-built integrations
Leyla was designed to help increase the access of pertinent information for employees. Her design was mobile responsive so employees could reach the chatbot and interact with her using any device.

Leyla was also built with the potential to easily integrate with leading human resources management systems and LMS software. This feature not only sped up the HR process but made performance management and updates simpler.

Feature 3: Adaptive Capabilities
Today’s business environment is dynamic and constantly changing. The number of new employees or users with questions can change at any time. This organization needed a way to quickly scale hr services at a moment’s notice.

This is why Leyla was built to be adaptive, scalable and modular. This set of features helps the artificial intelligence AI keep up with and adjust to user needs.

The implementation of Leyla the chatbot was an essential part of this organizations HR digital transformation. The impact of introducing this new HR technology significantly improved the organizations ability to effectively train and manage human capital.

The organization received an astounding amount of positive feedback after introducing Leyla. employees felt that the chatbot improved their onboarding experience. They were also able to get the answers they needed more quickly than before.

80% of new hires used the chatbot at least once a month. 50% of existing employees also accessed Leyla once a quarter. The company also experienced a 4% drop in attrition after implementation.
Learn more about how Infopro Learning helped this industry leader improve its entire people strategy, raise engagement and improve employee retention. Read the case study, Employee Onboarding for an IT Company.

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