Low levels of learner engagement and ineffective training programs are challenges l&d professionals face all to often. These are not new problems by any means. However, low rates of engagement have been increasing recently. Current technological advancements as well recent events have only made overcoming these issues more challenging. Now l&d professionals must find new ways to engage and train their remote teams as well.

Many industry leading organizations have found that developing custom eLearning solutions has been an effective training method and can help overcome these all to common training challenges. In this article we are going to share 3 tips that will help you create engaging personalized learning experiences that will maximize your training ROI.

Incorporate a Blended Strategy

One of the best ways you can promote employee engagement in your training program is by taking a blended approach to learning in the design process. Using multiple training methods and formats will provide variety. This is incredibly helpful when developing content for the modern workplace. Today’s employees are diverse and may have different levels of experience and different learning preferences.

Providing multiple options is an essential part of developing a personalized learning program. It gives employees more choices in the way they learn. This also promotes self directed learning. Providing a wide range of content allows employees to select the courses that they feel are the most relevant to them.

Utilize the Power of Learning Analytics

Analytics is an excellent tool when it comes to managing your personalized eLearning courses. Most analytics tools are easy to operate and many are built into your learning management system. Learning analytics can analyze and report data that will help you evaluate employees online learning experiences and provide valuable insights.

Most analytics programs can show you data regarding learner login, progress and levels of engagement. This information can be used to track patterns and help you to identify which content is the most useful. This information can also be used to identify content that may need to be optimized.

Advanced analytics programs can also be used to develop individual learning paths and custom content based on individual students work and learning preferences. They can also create recommended content for learners to choose from based on this data.

Include Social Learning Elements

One essential component of online learning that is often forgotten in the custom eLearning development process is to integrate social elements. Social learning helps keep learning interesting and easy to remember. It also helps employees build healthy work relationships with their team members which helps promote a healthy workplace culture.

This can be done in several different ways including small group work, custom learning content content such as games or discussion boards. However, you choose to integrate social elements this strategy will help you level up your training game and increase the effectiveness of your employee training programs.

Final Note

Developing personalized eLearning solutions that can be tailored to meet the needs of individual learners will help you create both effective and engaging learning experiences. When implemented correctly personalized learning can help your organization unlock the potential of its employees, increase productivity and improve your training ROI. 3 Ways you can improve your personalized training programs are to use a blended strategy, utilize learning analytics and to include social learning elements.

To learn more more about how this approach to learning works read the case study Personalized Sales Training for a Financial Services Organization.

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