The way we conduct business today has evolved. However, one thing has remained constant: good or bad employee performance. Fortunately, the approach to solving performance issues has progressed too,by learning from mistakes, finding solutions, applying strategies, and training employees. Performance consulting helps improve the process and project initiatives in an organization. Performance consultants focus on business performance outcomes by identifying underlying causes and performance disparities.

Performance consulting pays particular attention to the company’s performance weaknesses and finds a way to improve them. In order to resolve workplace performance problems, changes must take place. Sometimes employees might not be the only ones unyielding to change. Management may find the transformation somewhat daunting, as they will have to reskill current employees, train new talent, outsource tasks, or create job roles to achieve their goals. L&D consultants can pitch in to give the right direction and increase workforce. performance

Factors to Consider for Improving the Impact of Training

Although most training or re-training is believed to improve overall performance, there are factors to consider if a company wants to see results.
A recent report by the Harvard Business Review reveals that there is steady increase the global spend on training across organizations and varied industries(1). However, the report also concludes that:

– 75% of 1,500 managers surveyed from across 50 organizations were dissatisfied with their company’s Learning & Development (L&D) function.

– 70% of employees surveyed, revealed that they had a lack of mastery of skills required to do their jobs.

– For those who learnt new skills with L&D programs, felt that only 12% of it applied to their jobs.

Solutions for Increasing Training Impact

Basis these findings, the following conclusions can be made:

– It is clear that the strategy employed to create the majority of corporate training is ineffective. In addition, the purpose, timing, and training content is also flawed.

– Training employees to teach them new skills is not enough. If an organization wants to improve performance overall, they must ensure that their employees learn, retain the knowledge, and apply their newly learned skills.

– Keeping in mind the fast-moving business landscape , it important for organizations to adapt to changing circumstances rapidly and provide the opportunity of learning consistently.

– Global organizations should focus on the way training is done for their investment to be worthwhile.

Most organizations spend enormous amounts of money on employee training and education. However this doesn’t always ensure a good return on their investment. For the most part, learning doesn’t lead to better organizational performance because learners fail to retain the knowledge or skills learnt. As a result, they have the tendency to revert to the old ways of doing things, and company performance doesn’t improve. Learning and development should change their strategies as per the changing business climate. This will help create a context for the learning strategy that will best suit the organization and set it up for success.

If companies want to bring more value to their corporate training so that they can see performance improvement, they need to identify who needs the training and how to retain the skills learnt. This will help strategize to build a more productive and effective workforce. The best employee training programs are those that increase employee productivity, employee retention rates, and employee engagement. These factors contribute to increasing revenue as well.


Working with a performance consulting partner increases the impact of training delivery. It helps an organization get the best results from their people in terms of performance. In addition, when the process is done right from start to finish, the company is equipped to strategize and improve performance across the board. To know more about how you can drive performance and outcomes with training, watch the webinar replay : Aligning L&D with Business Goals: An Outcomes-based Approach

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