Covid-19 impacted nearly every industry changing the way we work and interact every day. Businesses have adopted new software, procedures, and daily processes to keep up with the changing business environments. Rapid rates of change are transformational, but they can also often cause performance problems.

Human performance is the key to successful transformation. Employees need to be equipped with the right set of knowledge and skills to fully contribute to organizational performance.

For many enterprise organizations, outsourcing performance improvement plans with a performance consulting provider can help improve productivity and increase business agility—Infopro Learning has over 20 years of experience developing customized learning solutions that produce impactful business benefits.

We recently assisted an industry-leading organization in developing a self-paced learning program to improve performance at both the individual and team levels.

Solution Highlights

Our client was a top healthcare service provider that offers kidney dialysis services to patients in over 4,000 centers worldwide. They focus on providing superior care for each patient. They needed a learning solution that would help employees in different roles further develop their skills.

More specifically, they wanted a learning solution that would deliver the following benefits.

  • Improve the performance of management and their teams
  • Increase levels of team productivity
  • Equip employees with critical skills such as time management and effective communication.

Infopro Learning our proven performance consulting model to create a self-paced training program that was designed to help them achieve these business goals. The comprehensive training program had multiple features designed to target and resolve performance issues, but three features were the program’s highlight.

Feature 1: 18 Self Paced Learning Modules

Our instructional designers created 18 self-paced learning modules. Each module was designed to target a key skill or subject needed to improve employee abilities and to improve performance. These modules were delivered in the form of interactive PDFS. The PDFS reduced dependency on the organizations learning management system. They also made it easier for employees to learn at whatever time was most suitable for them.

Feature 2: Assessments

An assessment was designed for each individual module. They allowed learners to demonstrate their abilities. These assessments also helped gauge the learner’s level of understanding. Each assessment was easy to save, print and share. This enabled employees to share their results with peers and supervisors when needed.

Feature 3: Reference Guides

Reference guides in the form of workbooks were also provided. We created each workbook to help learners take notes. They also provided a space where learners could create plans to implement what they had learned. These workbooks were designed to help further the facilitation of learning outside of the classroom environment.

Final Word

Self-paced learning programs give learners the flexibility they need to fit professional development into their busy day. It allows learners to digest information at a pace that works best for them improving knowledge retention. The results were overwhelming and exceeded stakeholder expectations. Program participation rates were high, and course completion had also risen. The client shared that the program had provided a measurable impact on the performance of people at every level. The program produced key business results such as improved productivity levels, better team cooperation, and reduced employee turnover.

Outsourcing the development of your employee training programs can significantly improve effectiveness. Experienced performance consulting providers use a strategic process to identify the key issues that are slowing productivity and keeping your organization from reaching its goals. We use an outcomes-based approach to maximize training effectiveness. Aligning each part of your training program so that it supports your organization’s business goals will help to ensure that you get the highest return on your L&D investment.

Learn more about the program details and read the full case study Driving Performance for Frontline Workers

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