Today many organizations are looking to update their employee development programs with new modern training solutions that better fit the changing needs of their employees.

A common challenge business faced this year was the growth of their remote teams. Instructor led training programs were no longer a viable option for these organizations. They needed to quickly develop online learning programs that were aligned with organizations new business goals.

One of the most crucial components of developing high quality custom eLearning programs is the utilization of the right content development tools. In this blog post we will share with you the details of the top 4 types of tools you can use to develop custom eLearning programs today.

Top 4 Types of Custom eLearning Development Tools


Cloud-based tools are also known as SaaS tools. These programs are simple to use and easy to access. They do not require special software or operating systems.

SaaS tools are known to have simple and user-friendly interfaces. To use these tools, instructional designers simply log into the application online from whichever device they choose.

Cloud-based tools also enable multiple team members to access and work on eLearning courses simultaneously. This is an especially useful feature for teams who work collaboratively on their custom designed eLearning programs. They typically have all the major features needed to develop high quality learning content, but they often lack some of the more specialized features other can tools offer.

Locally Hosted

A more traditional and advanced type of tool used to develop learning programs are the locally hosted variety. These tools are typically downloaded straight onto your computer. They also tend to offer the most advanced and specialized features. Locally hosted programs aim to be all-in-one kinds of tools and can handle nearly every aspect of content development.

However, due to their complex nature, learning how to effectively use these tools can take some time. A locally hosted program is not as flexible as a cloud-based tool and cannot always be accessed or used from multiple devices. Generally, one designer can work on a piece of content at a single time.


You might be surprised to find that PowerPoint can be used to create custom eLearning courses. PowerPoint has add-on features that enable users to turn their slide decks quickly into training courses. These features can be used to add engaging instructional content such as videos and quizzes.

Although PowerPoint does not offer advanced features like other tools, it is a program many professionals are already familiar with. This makes this particular tool useful for course development, especially for organizations who find themselves in a pinch and need to develop custom eLearning content quickly.


While there is a large range of tools that aim to cover all your content development needs, there are also some tools that are designed for specialized areas of content development. The truth is that not every organization or training program requires every feature in an all-in-one tool. Some training programs are highly focused or only use a single type of content.

For example, a video-based training program does not require the same features of a blended learning program. In this case graphic design tools or mobile learning design tools are not needed. In these cases, you may want to look for a specialty tool that has the advanced features you need for the specific kind of program you are designing.

In other cases, you may find that an all-in-one tool does not have all the features you want for different parts of your program. In these cases, many L&D professionals choose to use a specialized tool to develop that piece of content and then upload it to their all-in-one tool to integrate it into the rest of the program.

Final Word

Today custom eLearning solutions are growing in popularity due to their ability to better meet the needs of modern learners. Many employees today are finding themselves in new remote roles and are working with team members across the globe.

As business models continue to shift and the need for reskilling grows it is essential that organizations are selecting the right kinds of programs and tools to engage learners. The effectiveness of the content development tools you use is highly dependent on your organization’s individual needs. Learn more about how you can set your organization up for success and watch the webinar replay of Aligning L&D with Business Goals.

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