Covid19 and the Current State of the L&D Industry

There is no denying that the recent pandemic disrupted businesses in every industry on multiple levels. Organizations made adjustments to their day-to-day practices quickly to meet market demands. A considerable number of employees moved into remote roles to increase safety. Enterprise organizations adopted new software and policies to meet customer needs better.

These business changes also influenced the learning landscape. Many of the employee learning programs from the past were no longer effective after the spread of Covid19. Human resource departments and their L&D teams had to assist their organizations in meeting the changing learning needs of their employees.

New Learning Strategies to Meet Growing Demand for Learning and Development

The need for reskilling has grown as many roles have drastically changed over the last year. Many organizations began to outsource their L&D projects with training service providers to keep up with the increased demand for employee training programs.

However, now about a year later, businesses are rethinking their approach to L&D yet again as they develop their post Covid19 plans. When it comes to developing a successful business strategy to help your business move forward, outsourcing with a managed training services (mts) provider could be your best option.

Business Aligned Learning Objectives

One of the most common reasons outsourced L&D projects fail is that the program was not designed to support the business processes or the organization’s goals. As we move forward and begin to think about the future, it will be critical that all learning initiatives support the new direction the organization wants to take.

An experienced managed learning services partner will have the expertise and a strategic process for designing highly effective learning strategies. The best-in-class L&D strategies are designed with an organization’s business goals in mind. Using an outcomes-based approach, a managed services partner can develop high-quality L&D programs that directly produce business results.

Streamlining the Entire L&D Process

Having a solid strategy and the ability to deliver training or make changes to content quickly can give a competitive advantage in the current marketplace. It is common for enterprise organizations to be operating on tight deadlines and regular updates. Juggling multiple vendors can lead to miscommunication or take longer for projects to be completed. Most outsourced providers specialize or excel in a single specific area of L&D.

A managed learning partner can take on all of your L&D projects, ensuring that each project is not only adequately aligned but completed quickly. A managed services partner has the expertise and professional tools to tackle all aspects of L&D, from content development to learning administration. They can often dedicate an expert team to work on your organization’s outsourced projects.

Working with a managed services partner can also help your business become more agile with rhe ability to scale up or down at a moment’s notice. Suppose your company needs to launch training to increase health and safety efforts quickly. In that case, a managed learning partner will be able to dedicate a team that understands your business’s strategy and needs to assist you.


If you are like the many other enterprise organizations looking to develop a solid post Covid19 learning strategy, you might want to consider working with a managed learning partner. Outsourcing your L&D needs has many advantages. In addition to working with experts, you will be able to scale training and speed up the development process.

A managed services partner can also help you consolidate the number of training vendors you need. However, the most significant advantage your company could gain is a learning strategy that supports your business goals, setting you up for success.

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