Most organizations have realized the need to collaborate with external partners to design and deliver effective corporate training. Organizations adopt the Managed Learning Services strategy to help with business transformation and improve overall learning experiences. Managed Learning Services (MLS) is a strategic outsourcing model adopted by Learning & Development functions to streamline their training activities and end-to-end learning management. An MLS partner can offer several benefits to your business, from workflow automation and effective training delivery to centralization of L&D functions, performance analytics, and more. Considering the benefits associated with Managed Learning Services, a vast number of organizations are engaging with external MLS partners to benefit various departments- be it Finance, IT, L&D, and others.

The Global Managed Learning Services market is anticipated to reflect a significant increase in the demand for learning consultancy, outsourced learning, training delivery, and other outcomes-led services between 2021 and 2026[1]. Let us explore how businesses can transit and transform with the help of managed training services providers:

  • Continuous Training Delivery

Businesses that seek the help of outsourcing training providers can ensure their training processes are effectively streamlined across diverse locations, keeping in mind that training caters to suitable learning needs. Your trusted Managed Learning Services partner may adopt a global training delivery model to reduce any language barriers, localize essential resources that fit the desired training goals, and continuously scale the business to new heights.

  • Reduced Training Costs

When companies manage training internally, they need to bear the costs of all kinds of activities, from content development and delivery to logistics and post-training assessments. An immense amount of time and effort is invested in these programs. With the help of managed training services providers, businesses can quickly transform their training approach while mitigating the overall costs and risks involved in the process. This also helps save money for additional activities post-training and ultimately improves business efficiency.

  • Focus on Innovation

Most Managed Learning Services providers are expected to help businesses transit and transform through innovation in the current scenario. As per the recent survey, proactive organizations motivate training service providers to innovate by moving additional services to the outsourcing provider as they innovate, making innovation a key component of the contract[2].

Your MLS partner should be able to execute thought leadership to improve learning through innovation. They must know how to leverage the key corporate learning trends that help boost employee engagement, organizational performance, and ultimately unlock business success.

  • Strong Industry Relationships

Most businesses invest in external training service providers who can easily collaborate with various vendors to meet the desired training needs. Connecting with multiple vendors spread across diverse geographical locations can be a tedious task. Here comes the significance of solid relationships that your external service provider maintains with different vendors. Such partnerships can help businesses foster effective collaboration with their vendors, ultimately benefiting their whole learning ecosystem.


Today, organizations have become more instrumental in choosing their managed learning services partner to take their business to the next level. Outsourced training services are increasingly gaining popularity in the past few years because of tight budgets, limited resource availability, and ever-changing ways of learning delivery.

Your training service provider can help manage end-to-end training activities and help your business transform by delivering effective learning solutions, bridging skills gaps, and driving the overall impact of training programs. To know more about how you can accelerate performance and outcomes with training, download and read our brochure on Managed Learning Transformation.

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