The pandemic reshaped the way we work, learn and interact every day. Organizations quickly adopted new practices last year to keep up with the rapidly changing business environment. These changes have created a growing and widespread demand for high-quality employee development programs to reskill the current workforce. It is undeniable that many of the learning programs and training methods that were effective a little over a year ago are not producing business results today.

Many business leaders are looking for ways to improve their L&D programs quickly to increase business agility and resilience. Training outsourcing with a managed learning services organization can help your business optimize your employee development programs in three different ways to maximize effectiveness.

1. Utilizing an Outcomes-Based Approach

One of the leading causes of L&D projects that deliver a low ROI is that there is a significant lack of alignment between the training content and the organization’s business goals. A highly engaging training program will still be ineffective if it does not focus on delivering the right material.

Experienced training service providers will have a strategic process to assess and align your employee training programs with your business goals. Focusing on business outcomes will maximize training effectiveness. Learning solutions that are designed to support business processes and goals will directly impact performance.


2. Setting up a Regular Review Process

One of the toughest challenges businesses have faced in the last year is the increased rate of disruption. Disruption can be an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage for organizations that can adapt quickly. However, many businesses do not currently have the right processes in place to support and increase business agility in this way.

A managed training services provider can help your organization overcome this challenge by setting up a regular process to review and optimize training content. It is common for organizations to have L&D needs that change several times throughout the year. Modern businesses also need learning and development programs that are designed to keep up with these changes.

A managed services provider can help you select the best learning delivery methods, content structure, and learning management system to increase agility. Leveraging the right strategy can significantly increase the speed at which your organization can make changes and adapt.

3. Increasing Scalability

A managed learning services company offers end-to-end training services. Unlike other training industry providers that have a single specialty, they provide the full range of L&D services. This is a valuable asset for organizations that have fluctuating training needs. A managed learning services provider will be able to assist you by filling training gaps and needs quickly.

For example, over the last year, many organizations have needed to scale their L&D teams to quickly train their newly remote teams. There has also been an increased need for trainers and a limited amount of talent available. Organizations that work with a managed learning provider were able to quickly hire vetted learning talent to quickly close gaps. They used talent as a service to scale their teams at a moment’s notice without having to make changes to their internal teams.


Your organization’s L&D programs play a significant role in increasing performance and improving business agility. Organizations that have implemented high-quality employee training programs are able to quickly adapt to change and equip employees with the skills needed to increase productivity. Unfortunately, many businesses do not have the processes and strategies in place to ensure their programs are delivering optimal results.

Outsourcing with a managed learning solutions provider can help. An outsourced managed learning provider will be able to assist your organization in adopting the right tools, strategies, and training methods to increase effectiveness. They can also provide your business with the resources you need to navigate changing business needs quickly and efficiently.

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