The banking and financial services industry is constantly changing and adapting all the time. Advancements in technology and current events are changing the way these businesses interact with both their customers and even their employees.

One of the most common challenges these organizations are facing today is finding ways to improve the quality of service they provide. Customer service has become the leading factor consumers consider before making a purchase. Improving customer satisfaction rates by even a small fraction can give your organization a competitive edge. Most industry leaders already know this and have comprehensive training programs in place to ensure that they are providing quality service.
However, the most successful organizations do not approach employee training and development as a one-time event. They understand that for real change to occur learning must be a continuous process and in order for that to happen, they need performance support to help facilitate the transfer to learning.

At Infopro Learning we have more than 25 years of experience helping industry-leading companies across the globe develop business-aligned training solutions that improve employee performance. We recently assisted a client in the BSFI sector by creating a performance support program to improve the skills of their auto lenders. Like many other organizations, they already had a formal training program in place, but they found that they needed an additional program to help their employees retain all that they had learned later down the road.

Solution Highlights

After conducting some research this organization had found that their lenders were struggling with performance in 4 different key areas. However, these employees had already participated in a comprehensive corporate training program during their on-boarding process. Although, these employees had retained most of what they had learned they were still struggling with the concepts in these 4 areas. This leader in BFSI sector chose to work with Infopro Learning to design a learning solution that would help fill these knowledge gaps.
A refresher course was designed and developed to improve performance and to increase the lenders knowledge of these key focus areas. The refresher course consisted of two different stages. The first was an online refresher course and the second stage consisted of performance support tools to promote continuous learning after the initial course was completed.

Stage 1 Online Learning

An online refresher course was designed using an informal learning strategy. The instructional design of the program presented the learning content in the microlearning format. Each topic was highlighted in a short highly focused learning module to maximize knowledge retention. Each module could be completed in minutes. Human memory can more easily absorb and retain information in this short familiar format.

This format was also selected due to its ability to be completed quickly and because learners could select the content that covered the exact concept they needed help with.

The learning modules used a blend of rich media and interactions to engage learners. The modules included animations, videos, knowledge checks, and simulated scenarios. These features helped draw learners in and built context around each topic.

Stage 2 Performance Support System

The second stage was about implementing performance support solutions to provide just in time training to learners while on the job. These different types of performance support materials were meant to be used as a reference guide or as a tool employees could use at a moments notice without disrupting their workflow.

A series of printable infographics highlighting the most important information regarding each topic were created. Lenders could easily access these printouts online and save them to their computers or print them out to place them somewhere they would be more visible and useful.

Solution Results

The refresher courses and support materials were incredibly effective. Both the refresher courses and support materials are accessed regularly suggesting high engagement levels. Customer satisfaction rates have also greatly improved since the implementation of the program. The lenders have also expressed that they find the new additional training resources to be both useful and effective.
To learn more about how Infopro Learning creates winning learning solutions for industry leaders read the case studies.

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