Timing is Everything Series: Intro, Anxiety, Information Overload, (Knowledge Formation coming May 24th)


Information Overload


Information overload occurs in learners that have finally been exposed to on-the-job training for a new competency or role, and although they are continuing to learn and improve, there is too much new information to retain.1


Although information overload cannot be avoided completely, there are ways to ensure that this section of the learning curve can be shrunken and performance can be accelerated.

Social Learning:


Allowing learners to collaborate, share tips and tricks, and compare notes with one another (via social media or an internal communications platform) helps them to focus on emerging best practices. Coaches and mentors can also impart their wisdom to learners to help them avoid pitfalls.

Performance Support:


Nothing will aid learners more during on-the-job training than performance support tools. Software training can be aided by Electronic Performance Support Systems, while job aids can bolster functional training.

We will be sharing information on decreasing the learning curve on our blog through the Timing is Everything series, but to read more now download the Timing is Everything White Paper!


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    1. Oldroyd, B. & Morris, S. (2012). “Catching falling stars: A human resource response to social capital’s detrimental effect of information overload on star employees.” Academy of Management Review, 37(3), 396-418.


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