The pandemic of 2019 and massive digital disruption made employees continuously update their knowledge and skills. Constant market expansion, the emergence of new technologies, and new skill demands are some other catalysts. Online training programs have become a necessity for organizations for the reasons mentioned above.

Such pieces of training must be continual and ongoing, which is how eLearning came into the picture. A good eLearning program is engaging, visually immersive, and customized to meet the needs of the learners. The eLearning development companies work head over heels to make the learning intuitive and motivational. That is why keeping learners in mind while developing an eLearning course is suggested.

Custom eLearning development can have a long-lasting impact when developed exclusively to cater to the needs of the learners. In addition to effectively communicating learning objectives, customized eLearning solutions sustain a brand’s distinct voice and contribute to the overall performance improvement of the employees.

According to the 2022 LinkedIn Workplace Learning report, 64% of L&D professionals saw their organization’s culture of learning get more robust in the past year.1

We’ve discussed the steps eLearning development companies can take to make intuitive and engaging custom eLearning development solutions. Read the blog to learn more about the best practices to ensure successful custom e-learning development.

In this blog, we have compiled a few more tips or considerations for the eLearning development companies to develop a dynamic and engaging custom eLearning development course.

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Helpful Tips Custom eLearning Development Companies Can Vouch For

1. Determine the Problem Areas

Organizations must sit with their clients and discuss their pain points. A thorough discussion of the problem areas will help understand the true objective of why the client wants the particular custom content to be added to the course. Depending on the end goal, custom eLearning development companies can either strengthen the learner’s existing skills or help them learn new ones.

2. Work Closely with Subject Matter Experts, Developers, and Graphic Designers

The eLearning project wherein the team members collaborate extensively turns out to be absolute excellence. For instance, subject matter experts provide information that is not so thorough that any additional modifications need extra work, and developers and graphic designers must ensure that the final product is viable and within budget.

3. Set Realistic Expectations

The client’s expectations can be unexpectedly high, and sometimes their ideas are unsuitable. For example, if the client uses Microsoft Edge and wants to add a few gamified elements or animations that Microsoft Edge does not support. In such cases, custom eLearning development companies should sit with the client and identify a practical alternative for their demands. Furthermore, they should get a clear understanding of the learning outcomes from the client. This will help the eLearning development companies to make the right custom online course, meeting their clients’ needs.

4. Conduct a Pilot Test After Final Product Testing

It is recommended to do a pilot test after the eLearning solution has been thoroughly tested and has been uploaded to the learning management system (LMS). eLearning development companies

should create a batch of 5-10 learners who can be their control testers before the global launch of the custom eLearning program. At the end of the eLearning program, provide a feedback form to these selected learners to identify the effectiveness or any loopholes of the custom eLearning program.

5. Have Patience for Innumerable Iterations

No eLearning program is developed all at once. The success of an eLearning solution is dependent on several iterations throughout the project. When developing a custom eLearning program, it is evident that the program’s basic design may go through numerous iterations. eLearning development companies should have patience and perseverance in such situations. If the companies want to get the most out of these iterations, they should have only one person review the iterations. Otherwise, it will be a never-ending job.

In Conclusion

The development of a custom eLearning program helps align learners’ requirements with the organization’s objectives. Creating a custom eLearning solution may sound a little complicated at the beginning, but with the right approach, it can result in a high return on training investments.

Here at Infopro Learning, we specialize in developing custom eLearning solutions that help in enhancing learning experiences and outcomes. Our custom eLearning solutions have a great mix of dynamic, engaging content, rich graphics and media, and opportunities for learners to use what they’ve learned in unique virtual environments.

Our learning design expertise and experience converge a business’s needs and match them with learners’ expectations to deliver innovative custom eLearning experiences.

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