Today’s volatile business environment necessitates organizations to continuously train their workforces to maintain their competitive edge and provide exceptional customer service. While some organizations prefer to deliver training with the help of pre-built eLearning courses, many others understand the importance of custom eLearning modules.

Effective Learning Strategy to Drive Customer Enablement

This article will discuss why custom eLearning development is the right choice for your organization.

1. It allows you to personalize your training path. At the risk of stating the obvious, every organization has different priorities and a workforce with varying skillsets. Hence, their training needs also differ from each other. When you reach out for off-the-shelf eLearning courses, you might have to compromise on some requirements as it is a generic solution. On the other hand, a customized eLearning solution allows you to personalize the training path. It will enable you to align training modules with organizational needs. Your eLearning content can cater to everything your workforce needs without compromising anything.

2. It allows learning programs to reflect your authentic brand identity. Reflecting true brand identity has one significant advantage, i.e., consistency. An eLearning program with resources that offer consistent learning experiences to your employees positively impacts their engagement levels. When such consistent learning experiences reflect your authentic brand identity, it helps learners relate more with your brand’s vision, understand goals better, and engage seriously with the training program. Off-the-shelf eLearning programs usually offer little to no room for such customization.

3. It allows easy enhancement of courses. Customized eLearning courses have a longer shelf life. It will enable easy enhancement of courses. All organizations’ priorities change rapidly, as do their available resources and workforce orientation. Hence, the training materials need to be updated regularly to meet the changing needs of workforces and businesses. This may be impossible with pre-built eLearning courses as there is very little room for customization, while some have none.

4. It allows you to use multiple digital formats. As our workforces are shifting towards being largely filled with Gen Z workers, it is essential to include various digital forms of training resources. Some organizations also have workers with different visual and auditory capabilities. Using different kinds of digital formats for workers with varying levels of familiarity with technology allows you to train them effectively without worrying about low levels of engagement and poor delivery. However, the use of pre-built eLearning courses limits the number of formats you can use.

5. It encourages collaboration. Having a customized eLearning development solutions allows you to promote collaboration in your organization. You can see which roles from different departments overlap and which different roles complement each other. Accordingly, you can develop your training resources to encourage inter-departmental collaboration. Such learner experiences allow employees an excellent opportunity to explore different career paths and collaborate meaningfully with their peers. Creating such a culture of collaboration leads to a happier workforce with high-performing capabilities and healthy competition within the organization.

6. It is cost-effective in the long run. Initially, custom eLearning courses seem like a heavy investment compared to off-the-shelf courses. However, customized resources have a longer shelf life and high reusability. As your organization scales and priorities change, you can add information to the already structured eLearning courses instead of designing them from scratch. However, this is not the case with pre-built eLearning courses, as they usually work on a subscription-based model. So, every time your priorities change, or you need to modify the course, you’ll have to pay a fee accordingly.


Initially, low costs and convenience often attract organizations towards pre-built eLearning courses. While such courses can be successful in a few cases, they might not be suitable in the long run. On the other hand, customized eLearning resources have a higher impact, are more successful, scale with your organization, and are friendly to your budget. It allows you to use the latest technologies and cater to all the needs of your workforce. Collaborating with eLearning development companies to leverage custom eLearning development services can help you to successfully achieve all the benefits mentioned above.

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