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    Using Learning Analytics to Accelerate Remote Workforce Engagement

    Understand how learners behavior and patterns can help create the most successful training programs


With remote working skyrocketing, learning analytics is taking center-stage in the employee engagement conversations. As we all adjust to the new normal, our training programs must adjust as well. By reviewing data from our learning programs, we can be positioned to engage our employee stronger than ever, with new initiatives designed to impact the areas they care about the most.

With the absorption of learning analytics at every level of L&D department, this interactive webinar will help gain insights into the learning patterns and behaviors for creating the most successful employee development programs.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Correlation between learning and employee engagement
  • Current state of learning analytics and tools
  • Difference between leading and lagging indicators
  • Key data points to track

Featured speaker:


Nolan Hout – Vice President – Marketing, Infopro Learning

Nolan started the marketing efforts for Infopro Learning and spends majority of his time performing research in the L&D industry to help understand the most common and pressing challenges of the industry. He uses this information to help formulate cutting-edge learning solutions that are designed to maximize business performance and return on investment made.

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