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    Microlearning and Millennials

    A Strategic Tale of Performance Impact


Modern learners have different needs and preferences than employees from even just a few years ago. Companies are planning to invest in training and development for a competitive edge by creating the best learning strategy for their workforce. Millennials constitute the largest population of the current workforce and have different learning preferences compared to other learners of the same generation.


Why is Microlearning a Game Changer?


While the impact of traditional methodologies is not that great for remote working conditions, cutting-edge approaches for learning are enabling learners to develop skills and align to business results. Microlearning is one of the best-suited online training strategies that delivers content in a series of short learning modules. It is quickly becoming a favoured training strategy for corporates due to its ability to meet the varying needs of modern learners like customization, flexibility, learning on-the-go and ease to access.


This Infopro Learning webinar explains how the right microlearning strategy can work as a catalyst during the learning journey to enhance the learning experience, cater to multi-purpose content and give flexibility with ease of access. You’ll learn –


  • How to include microlearning in your employee performance improvement plans
  • What impact does microlearning create in workforce effectiveness tracking metrics
  • How micro content can be leveraged to enhance customer satisfaction
  • How your training ROI will change after implementing a microlearning approach


Anu Galhotra

Anu Galhotra – Vice President of Learning Solutions, Infopro Learning
Anu is a seasoned L&D leader who believes in the power of learning to solve business challenges and drive performance improvements. With over 18 years of experience in leading clients and L&D teams, she has been instrumental in consulting with business teams to define learning strategies as well as implementation roadmap.

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