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    Leveraging Learning Experiences to Create a Personalized Growth Journey


Learning strategies that create a lasting impact on employees is the need of the hour for organizations. With the new normal in place, the millennial workforce is actively looking for opportunities that allow them to develop and challenge their specific roles. Organizations have understood this fact and are significantly investing in employee development programs to support their overall growth.


However, there are several trends that are dominantly visible in the modern work environment. As millennials are the largest workforce across the globe, the way they prefer learning is not different from the existing conventional methods. To cater this, L&D organizations are actively leveraging Personalized Learning to create a unique journey for every individual. Using AI and other learning technologies, personalized learning experiences ensure that the employee is engaged with content that best suit their career goals, knowledge base and skill level. Custom content throughout the journey gives individuals the choice to avoid confusion and information overload.

Join us in this insightful webinar to learn:

  • Common challenges that L&D teams face while training millennials
  • How AI and Personalized Learning increase employee engagement
  • Personalized training strategies to maximize knowledge retention
  • Reinventing training budget and must-have LMS features to train millennials


Anu Galhotra

Anu Galhotra – Vice President of Learning Solutions, Infopro Learning
Anu is a seasoned L&D leader who believes in the power of learning to solve business challenges and drive performance improvements. With over 18 years of experience in leading clients and L&D teams, she has been instrumental in consulting with business teams to define learning strategies as well as implementation roadmap.

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