With growing diversity and spread of global organizations, the need for sustainable training grows beyond to include an extended network of partners, vendors, suppliers or even customers. An organizations external partners need to be consistently trained not only on the products and services but also the values that the organization upholds – a tall task indeed in the face of the challenges of geographical or even cultural gap. Extended Enterprise Learning Management Systems help organizations reach out and train their external partners to gain the competitive advantage of consistent training.

eLearning Industry’s Top 10 Extended LMS highlights not only the most feature-rich and innovative learning software but also takes into consideration customer reviews as well user experience.


Infopro Learning’s GnosisConnect LMS has been named among the best in 2020’s Top 10 Extended LMS list. This is a well-deserved recognition for GnosisConnect LMS, highlighting its potential to cater to the needs of not only employees within the organization, but external partners as well. With a flexible structure and a variety of new-age learning features, GnosisConnect LMS provides easy implementation across the partner network – bringing the advantage of seamless and sustainable training.

Arun Prakash

Arun Prakash, Product Owner of GnosisConnect LMS celebrates the win, “We are proud to be part of eLearning Industry’s Top 10 Extended LMS. We believe that organizations are becoming truly global and training needs are moving beyond the strict confines of internal employees. GnosisConnect LMS has been developed based on deep insights into the training needs of the corporate world through intensive research. The results of the study fed into conceptualizing and developing our product – aligned for modern businesses and business needs, including the need to train external partners and customers for increased efficiency. We take inspiration from this recognition to continue our passion to create innovative corporate training solutions”.

About Infopro Learning:

Infopro Learning, a leading provider in corporate training and human capital transformation, helps organizations create an exceptional employee and customer experience through custom training solutions. For more than 25 years, the company has designed and implemented engaging learning experiences that attract, develop and retain talent across the entire employee lifecycle. With offices around the world, Infopro Learning’s technology platforms and governance models support organizations to improve business performance, at a reduced cost.

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