Professional development is a key factor that empowers leaders in an organization for evolving business climates. But there is a a perceptible shift in the way that professional development is envisioned for leadership roles. To attain their full potential, leaders must be continually inspired to drive their own development and anticipate the ways that they can improve their skills to effectively lead the organization for greater success.

Infopro Learning’s leadership offerings are designed to empower leaders to ‘self-reflect’ and become masters of their own growth. Based on a robust ‘Evolutionary Development Framework’ grounded in evolutionary and social psychology, Infopro Learning empowers organizational leaders to play an active role in their own development. With more than 20 years of experience, Infopro Learning has seen immense success in creating leader development strategies and programs for organizations world-wide.

With immense pride, Infopro Learning welcomes Dr. Yvonne Catino, to drive its Leadership and Organizational Development offering. Dr Catino is a visionary leader in the field of professional development and organizational effectiveness. She has worked with many leading organizations in the world including United States, Europe, UK, South America and the Far East, designing and facilitating strategies for organizational transformation. Dr. Catino has more than 30 years of experience in the area of Leader Development, Talent Management and Organizational Effectiveness. With her rich experience in working closely with organizations to create effective and business-aligned strategies for development, Infopro Learning is poised to step into a new era of its Leadership and Organizational Development offerings.

Excited about her new role, Dr. Yvonne said, “Leader Development is more relevant than ever right now, given the immense changes that the business world is experiencing. Empowering leaders builds the foundation of an organization and I passionately believe this is the way ahead for modern organizations to succeed in the competitive market. I am excited to join an organization that is equally passionate about the power and impact of Leader Development. I look forward to working closely with organizations to understand the business challenges that leader development seeks to address. I believe it is necessary for us to ascertain the outcomes of professional development. In that vein, we hope to create Leader Development solutions that live up to the promise of transformational success.”

About Infopro Learning

Infopro Learning, a leading provider in corporate training and human capital transformation, helps organizations create engaging leadership programs that improve performance of executive leadership, mid-level managers, and aspiring leaders. For more than 25 years, the company has designed and implemented engaging learning experiences that develop leadership within modern corporates. With offices around the world, Infopro Learning’s technology-aided solutions and governance models support organizations to hone leadership talent and improve business performance, at a reduced cost.

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