Amid the current turmoil in the business world, organizations cannot shift their focus from employee training and development– especially for new employees. Forward-thinking organizations are dedicated to creating onboarding programs to lay the foundation of a stronger training and company culture. Implementing an effective employee onboarding solution ensures that new hires are provided the right direction from the very beginning and can tap into their potential to the best. Effective onboarding training can’t just be a one-day event, with an overload of information that learners cannot retain. For progressive organizations, new hire training is not a one-time event but an ongoing process of fine-tuning employee skills and bridging performance gaps at a sustained pace. This helps in reducing employee turnover and retain top performers while improving on-the-job productivity and task proficiency.


Infopro Learning has been named in eLearning Industry’s Top Content Providers for Employee Onboarding – a recognition truly deserved with more than 20 years of experience within the Training and Learning industry. Infopro Learning believes that onboarding is a journey that starts before an employee’s first day and continues throughout their employment in the organization. Infopro Learning creates effective onboarding solutions that not only provides superior learning experience but also helps organizations measure ROI of onboarding training with the appropriate metrics – including increased time to proficiency, and increased performance.

Anu Galhotra

Anu Galhotra, Vice President of Learning Solutions, Infopro Learning celebrates and shares, “Onboarding training has evolved a lot in the last few years and we are proud that we have pioneered cutting edge solutions for global organizations. We understand the pulse of the new age workforce learners and create our solutions with an unwavering focus on the business benefits of training and its outcome. Our onboarding solutions with Games and Simulations have been very successful for the millennials at work – who form a large part of any organization’s new hires. With leaderboards, badges and real-life scenarios, these help employees learn better and retain for long. We have also created an AI-based Onboarding platform which helps newly recruited employees get real-time support on organization policies, structures, and more. The platform is hugely successful in making sure that new employees are always well-supported, while reducing human intervention by 30%. The recognition by eLearning Industry is an honor that encourages us to continue our efforts to innovate and create effective solutions for corporate training – that are aligned not only to learner needs but business needs as well.”

About Infopro Learning

Infopro Learning, a leading provider in corporate training and human capital transformation, helps organizations create an exceptional employee and customer experience through custom training solutions. For more than 25 years, the company has designed and implemented engaging learning experiences that attract, develop and retain talent across the entire employee lifecycle. With offices around the world, Infopro Learning’s technology platforms and governance models support organizations to improve business performance, at a reduced cost. To learn more, visit