Business environments are always evolving. But in recent times, the change has been unprecedented and the global pandemic of COVID-19 has created the need for organizations from different industries to transition to work remotely. While all organizations are responding to this need for change, a vital part of the process is to ensure that productivity of the remote workforce should not suffer. It is imperative for organizations to maintain the same quality of work, in the face of the disruption of work procedures and change management to embrace new ways of working.

Employee training and development is more important than ever in the current scenario and Learning Management Systems can help L&D teams to effective online training programs. eLearning Industry’s Top 10 LMS for Remote Workforce highlights the best learning management software for reaching out to employees and creating a sustainable platform of effective training – even when they are working remotely.

GnosisConnect LMS recognized as Best LMS for Remote Workforce by eLearning Industry

Infopro Learning’s GnosisConnect LMS is highlighted in best in 2020’s Top 10 LMS for Remote Workforce. The highlights of the system are robust architecture, flexible structure and a variety of new-age learning features, including instant communication tools, easy integration with organizational systems, mobile-enabled interface, virtual classrooms and more. With business-aligned features and attributes, GnosisConnect LMS is a platform for effectively supporting and developing the remote workforce.

Arun Prakash

Arun Prakash, Product Owner of GnosisConnect LMS shares, “The global business climate has changed overnight, and we are all now part of the change. An important factor of surviving the disruption is to adapt rapidly with the best possible tools that will empower our employees – even when working from home. Gnosis Connect LMS is a product developed on the solid foundation of ‘what do modern businesses need’. It is aligned to the business needs of organizations and caters effectively to the training requirements of global workforce learners, when working from office or away from it. It is an honor to be included in eLearning Industry’s Top 10 LMS for Remote Workforce. The recognition gives us the zeal to continue innovating and creating solutions for corporate training and development.”

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