Step into the future of Learning and Development (L&D) as we unveil the key to success – Strategic Sourcing. In the fast-paced world of 2024, it’s not just a strategy – it’s a critical imperative. According to a report from the World Economic Forum sounds the alarm 50% of all employees need reskilling by 2025. 

Equally compelling, according to the LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report 2023, job skill sets have shifted by 25% since 2015, projected to double by 2027. These stats underscore the pressing need for strategic, future-focused L&D initiatives. 

This infographic is your guide, detailing exactly what to look for in navigating this dynamic landscape, ensuring your workforce stays ahead and your organization thrives. Let’s dive into a future where strategic sourcing isn’t just a choice; it’s the key to unleashing unparalleled organizational potential.

Strategic Sourcing

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