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    Timing Is Everything

    Accelerate Employee Performance Using the Learning Curve


Plenty of time and energy is spent in talent development pondering answers to the “Who?” “What?” “Why?” “Where?” and “How?” questions of training, but the question of “When?” is often limited to one answer: “Whenever time permits.” However, the strategic element of timing in training is much more nuanced than this, and can lead to significant gains in return on investment if planned properly.

Learn how to quickly accelerate employee performance by decreasing their learning curve! Download our free white paper “Timing is Everything” to learn how offering strategic blended learning interventions at key points in time decreases time to proficiency.

This White paper will cover:

  • The different stages of the learning curve
  • Applicable strategies to decrease the learning curve at each stage
  • Capitalizing on the anxiety inherent in Onboarding new employees
  • Preventing stagnation, or decline, in employee performance

Take the question of “When” seriously and accelerate your employee’s performance by decreasing their learning curve today! Get your copy of Timing is Everything using the form to the right.


Accelerate Employee Performance


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