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    The Agile Guide to Agile Development

    10 Steps to Help Transition Your Team to Agile Project Management


Today, learning experiences are work-embedded, social, and informal. They are flexible in terms of platform and schedule. Does your training meet these changing requirements? The answer is yes if you are Agile!

We put together this guide to help other learning professionals harness the power of Agile development. The guide includes ten steps to help transition a team to Agile project management. The steps will help you anticipate the most common reasons for failure faced by Agile adoption.

A quick note, Agile is more than a project management method; it is a culture with values that focus on people, communications, product, and flexibility. This guide is a not a quick fix but instead lays the groundwork for transforming your team to Agile development.

In this ebook you will learn:

  • How to encourage the adoption of an Agile mindset
  • The process of Agile Project Management
  • The difference between Agile Development and waterfall methods
  • Why we call it The “Agile” Guide to Agile Development

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Transition Your Team to Agile


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