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Achieving an open, inclusive and flexible culture with a wide array of growth opportunities for everyone is the responsibility of a transformational leadership. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) have now moved beyond the conventional umbrella of cultural change, rather it stands out as an acute business sense that brings change on a distinct path of organization’s future. And the change isn’t going to happen just because employees complete an online diversity awareness course. DEI actually goes beyond the definite meaning of individual terms, and elaborates an openness towards the multiple futures that can be realized by a business.

Employees who are at the centre of this change are needed to be respected by creating a feeling of trust and belongingness to be more independent, productive and innovative and their thoughts.

How We Work

Our DEI programs aim to adapt to changing social conditions and are centred around three specific behaviors

01. Self-Awareness and
Continuous Learning

To create an inclusive environment, it is important to acknowledge one’s own knowledge and how it can give unearned benefits which others can also receive. Offering a path based on continuous learning, feedback and improvement, our DEI programs focus on alleviating cultural competence. We empower people to seize opportunities of learning from others, collaborating and open to modifying personal views for improved organizational behavior.

02. Cultural Competence

The most under-discussed topic about modern workpalce is the organizational culture that creates harmony and alliances. With the right support and knowledge material, our aim remains to engage workforce in respectful conversations about identities, backgrounds and experiences. Our programs demonstrate an eager to adapt preferences and mannerism when faced with diversified approaches of culture.

03. Empathy and Compassion

Developing a sense of empathy is a fortifying asset that encourages employees to share past experiences and accept diversity confidently. Empowering people with the feeling of compassion, we align individuals to be accountable by identifying the impact of behavior that appears to be non-inclusive, inequitable, or disrespectful. Our training programs develop interpersonal skills that help people to avoid any intentional or unintentional disrespectful or insensitive conversations.

Our DEI Portfolio

Infopro Learning is empowering business with a DEI development approach for individuals to bring cultural shift.

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Business Transformation

Leadership Program for Diverse Audiences

Delivered a custom learning program to help participants learn leadership and technical skills needed in management position.

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