As we move forward, businesses are beginning to think about their post Covid19 plans. They are starting to refocus their attention from survival towards building strategies that reduce risk and build resilience. Last year many employees moved into remote roles. Organizations began rapidly adopting new technology and implementing digital transformation initiatives.

This year’s goals go beyond the switch to digital. Business leaders and L&D teams are working together to tackle new challenges and risks. They are developing new strategies for 2021 and beyond.

The Greatest Risks Facing L&D Leaders Today

One of the toughest challenges L&D leaders have had to deal with since the pandemic began is responding to unusually high rates of change. Businesses had to adapt fast. Digital transformation initiatives were developed what seemed like overnight to meet new business needs. Remote working became the norm. L&D leaders had to act fast to address these changes.

Developing these new strategies and solutions quickly has been a challenge, but an entirely new issue has arisen. This rapid rate of change was not temporary like we had thought in the beginning. Now L&D professionals are faced with the new challenge of developing long-term strategies to address future business changes. Developing meaningful learning solutions that drive business outcomes has also become difficult because of this new fast pace.

Why L&D Should Lead From the Front

The shift to digital working environments was a huge area of focus for L&D professionals last year. Moving forward, it is crucial that L&D teams to work with business leaders on developing human capital transformation practices that are aligned with the organization’s business strategies.
L&D leaders have the unique opportunity to help shape the future of work. They play a strategic role in workplace transformation.  Learning initiatives should support business outcomes. L&D must work with leaders in the front to create strategies that drive productivity and innovation.

Set Strategy Alignment as a Top Priority to Reduce Risk

It is essential that today’s L&D leaders focus on outcomes. When they develop strategies, they need to begin with the end in mind. Developing learning strategies this way mitigates risk. It ensures that each activity plays a part in driving the organization forward towards its goals intentionally.

Before the pandemic, L&D usually had a number of goals they were trying to reach. Now we are seeing organizations and L&D professionals work together to focus on prioritizing business needs. Using an outcomes-based approach creates a much-needed focus on the organization’s goals.

What to Expect Moving Forward

2020 had a significant impact on businesses in every industry. Organizations had to rethink their strategies. They had to let go of norms and traditions, many of which were slowing them down. Numerous businesses are currently in the process of digital transformation this year. They are embracing new norms and modern technology to improve their business processes.

L&D now plays a new role in strategy development, and learning has become more strategically aligned with the organization’s goals. This approach maximizes training effectiveness and ensures that all efforts provide business benefits. Moving forward, this fresh perspective and new outlook will help many organizations move forward and thrive this year. An outcomes-based approach to strategy development is critical for success.

“To mitigate risks, learning activities cannot be just transactional or purely statistical. They must be created with the end outcome in mind. And it is clear, we have to ask questions – Why are we doing something? Why is the business headed this way? Why is it important for the organization to have behaviors, skills capabilities that will enable that achieving those outcomes? And so, risk mitigation is about understanding these outcomes associated with the business.” Scott Margason Executive Vice President of Client Success.

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