As we move forward into the new year, and organizations begin to develop their post-Covid19 strategies, many businesses are looking for ways to improve operational efficiency. Learning outsourcing is quickly becoming an increasingly popular option. In fact, in a recent study by Deloitte, it was found that more than 60% of businesses shared that reduced costs are a primary factor in their decision to outsource training (1).

If you are like the many other businesses looking to improve your training ROI this year, managed training services is an option you may want to consider. Managed learning service providers differ from your typical training outsourcing partner. They provide end-to-end learning and development services, which you can utilize to further optimize your training budget.
Although there are many advantages to working with a managed services partner, we will share with you the top ways they can help you improve operational efficiency in this blog post.

Streamlining the L&D Process with Vendor Consolidation

A managed learning partner can help you reduce the number of learning vendors your organization is working with. This can help save your company save both time and money.
When your organization is partnering with many training companies to work on different learning segments, it can take more time to manage the different moving parts of the project. The business process becomes more complicated. There is more room for mistakes and misalignment.

Working with a single managed learning partner ensures that all parts of your learning programs are properly aligned. Streamlining the L&D process will help your organization increase its agility and better prepare for the changes the future will bring. Working with a managed partner speeds up the amount of time needed to develop and implement training.

Developing Dynamic Learning Experiences

The most effective learning experiences today are dynamic. They meet the needs of the modern learner. The needs of the workforce today look much different than they did just a year before. More employees are working remotely. Many employees need training materials they can access on the job.

High-quality training today often consists of blended programs that integrate custom eLearning and virtual components to engage learners. These strategies help break down learning barriers related to location, giving employees greater access.

Winning learning solutions are also aligned with the company’s core business objectives and can be easily updated to better suit the companies changing needs.

A managed learning partner gives you access to both the subject matter experts and advanced technology to provide quality learner experiences. Their teams can help you with each step of the development process, ensuring the best business results. They can build a winning strategy, have the tools for content development, and help you with your implementation.

Many managed services partners can also help you with maintenance related tasks. They can provide a learning management system and help your potential technical issues and updates.

Final Word

Today modern organizations are focusing their attention on building long-term L&D plans that improve operational efficiency and increase their organization’s agility. Training outsourcing has long been a popular option for enterprise companies.

Unfortunately, there can also be many complications and barriers that make outsourcing a time-consuming hassle. Many training companies only specialize in a few niche areas. Managing multiple vendors can be expensive and slow the development process. There is also the risk of a misalignment of your training program and business goals.

Managed learning services provide a new solution for modern organizations who want to streamline their learning and development initiatives and deliver superior learning experiences to their employees. A managed learning partner can speed up the time of delivery, improve the quality of content that is created, and ensure that your learning strategy delivers business results.
Learn more about the solutions a managed learning partner can provide and read Training the Remote Workforce: Can Managed Learning Services Help?

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