This year many organizations are working on developing their post Covid19 strategies. Workplaces today look much different than they did a year ago, and they are only expected to undergo more changes in the future.

Today, a majority of the workforce is working remotely. This trend is expected to continue even after restrictions have lightened. Remote work has given employees more flexibility and, in many cases, has even increased productivity, but it has also changed everyday L&D practices.

Many businesses have also gone through significant changes to keep up with the shifting marketplace. Last year we saw companies in nearly every industry make changes such as adopting new business models, integrating new software, or launching new safety protocols and measures.

These changes have increased the demand for corporate training programs and the need for new learning strategies that meet the changing needs of the modern workforce. Training outsourcing has become a popular option due to its ability to help organizations quickly adapt. However, not all outsourced providers offer the same services.

What’s the Difference?

Most outsourced training providers can help your organization with some aspect of your L&D needs. Most managed learning service providers can go a step above and assist you with multiple aspects of your employee training needs. Both of these offerings can be helpful. However, working with a managed learning services provider that uses an outcomes-based approach can help your organization not just provide training but develop a winning L&D strategy that will help you achieve your business goals.

Developing a Learning Strategy That Maximizes Training Effectiveness

Working with an outsourced training service provider that utilizes an outcomes-based approach is one of the best ways you can ensure that each project, whether content development or training delivery supports your organization’s core objectives. This approach was designed to maximize training effectiveness and deliver a high ROI.

When an outsourced training partner uses an outcomes-based approach, they can help you streamline your L&D initiatives. Each part of your learning and development projects will be strategically aligned to support specific goals and business benefits.

For example, many organizations recently went through digital transformations to streamline business processes and adapt to the current business scenario. After launching new software, some organizations struggled with low user adoption rates and slowed productivity. In this scenario, a managed learning partner that uses an outcomes-based approach would look at the key factors needed to increase user adoption rates and improve employee performance.

The next step in the process is to look for barriers or obstacles that need to be addressed to provide effective learning experiences. Another example of this would be launching a series of short training videos to train remote workforce. Each learning solution designed using this approach is personalized to fit the organization’s unique needs and address the specific challenges.


Suppose you are like other organizations today who consider outsourcing with a trusted provider to develop a new learning strategy. You may consider working with a managed learning services provider. A managed learning services provider can help your organization consolidate your learning vendor list, streamline your L&D initiatives and ensure that each of your L&D projects is strategically aligned.

If you are looking for an outsourcing solution that is a cut above the rest, you should consider working with an outsourced provider who utilizes an outcomes-based approach. Developing quality learning experiences where each component is created to facilitate the learning process further is just the first step. An outcomes-based approach will ensure that all of your L&D projects support your business goals. Business-aligned learning programs deliver a higher ROI and can improve training effectiveness. Learn more about the future of work and listen to the podcast Business Aligned Strategies for Improved Performance.

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