High quality learning development programs are currently in demand. Quality learning experiences help organizations attract new talent, retain their current employees and boost productivity. For this reason many organizations have started to invest heavily in their l&d initiatives. The questions is no longer should I invest more in employee development, but which investments will provide the highest ROI? When is the right time to outsource?

Infopro Learning has more than 25 years of experience assisting leading organizations develop training solutions that transform their human capital. We provide a wide range of training services including managed learning. We realize that many companies struggle to know when or if they should consider outsourcing their l&d needs.

To help you determine if training outsourcing is the best solution for your businesses training needs we have shared 3 questions for you to consider.

Will Outsourcing Improve Operational Efficiency?

Outsourcing to a managed learning services partner can help you better align your training programs with your organizations mission and goals. Aligning your learning solutions and business objectives will help to improve the effectiveness of your training and development programs.

A managed learning services partner can also help identify potential opportunities to reduce costs and improve learning experiences. This partnership can give you access to the latest learning technology and tools in the training industry without having to worry about expensive licensing fees.

Could Your Organization Benefit From Access to Training Experts and the Latest Tools?

Another point to consider is whether you could benefit from having access to employee training experts or the latest industry tools.

A managed learning services partner will provide you with a dedicated team who are experts in training strategy and development. These subject matter experts have years of experience in learning and development l&d and keep up with latest trends. They know what training delivery methods work best. They will be able to help your organization develop l&d programs with high quality training content that will boost engagement and employee performance.

As mentioned before a managed learning services partner also has access to the latest learning technology which helps you reduce costs. Another benefit is that the team using the advanced tools will already know how to use them. This is often more cost effective than buying the tools and training employees in house.

What is the Current Workload of Your L&D Staff?

The list of l&d functions has grown quite a bit recently. Many companies are finding that their l&d teams have their hands full with day to day tasks. This doesn’t always leave a lot of time for extra big projects such as developing employee training.

Creating and delivering training programs effectively requires a considerable amount of time and effort. It takes even more time and effort if your team has to learn how to use new tools and develop new skills or conduct research regarding the most effective training strategies.

Outsourcing your training needs is one way you can lighten the load for your l&d staff. This will give them time to focus on other high priority tasks.


Research suggests that outsourcing your l&d needs improves the quality of your training programs. According to Deloitte the national average for outsourcing eLearning alone is 14%, but industry leaders with the most effective and efficient programs outsource at least 20%.

If you are considering outsourcing some or all of your learning and development there are 3 questions you should ask before making the decision.

  1. Will outsourcing improve operational efficiency?
  2. Could your organization benefit from having access to the latest tools and subject matter experts?
  3. What is the current workload of your l&d staff?

To learn more about managed learning services check out the info-graphic The Benefits of Managed Learning Services and Vendor Consolidation

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