The connection between work and learning has significantly strengthened over time. In the past, learning primarily occurred in classrooms and concentrated on specific requirements. But thanks to technological advancements like virtual communication and online resources, learning experiences can now be instantly accessed. This progress has enabled organizations to pave ways to meet their business needs more effectively and offer consistent employee learning and development opportunities.

According to LinkedIn’s Building the Agile Future Report, most organizations strive to create a people-centric future and seek support from L&D to achieve this. Approximately 83% of these organizations aim to foster a more people-centric culture. A people-centric culture recognizes that the organization’s success hinges on its employees’ success, and this core belief drives the design of the employee experience.

As organizations navigate constant changes and challenges, investing in employee development has become more than just a perk; it’s a strategic imperative. In this context, Learning Advisory emerges as a powerful tool to unlock the potential of individuals and businesses, paving the way for growth and innovation.

How to Assess the ROI of Learning Programs

What is a Learning Advisory?

Learning advisory provides guidance and support to organizations on their L&D initiatives. They work with stakeholders to understand their needs, identify learning opportunities, and develop and deliver learning solutions that meet those needs.

Learning advisors typically have a deep understanding of L&D best practices and the ability to assess organizational needs and develop creative and innovative learning solutions. They are also skilled in working with stakeholders to build consensus and ensure learning initiatives align with organizational goals.

Many organizations have implemented a Learning Advisory Committee comprising representatives from different parts of the company who collaborate closely with the training team. Together, they identify appropriate learning solutions and training programs directly impacting the organization’s performance.

Additionally, many organizations are looking for an external partner for advisors, organizations providing Learning Consulting & Advisory Services. These providers work closely with businesses throughout the learning process to design and execute a customized training program.

The responsibilities of a learning advisor may differ based on the organization, but they typically encompass the following tasks:

  • Conducting Needs Assessments: Learning advisors work with stakeholders to understand their current knowledge and skills and future learning needs.


  • Developing Learning Solutions: Learning advisors develop and deliver learning solutions that meet the organization’s needs. This may include designing and delivering training programs, creating eLearning courses, or developing informal learning opportunities.


  • Managing Learning Projects: Learning advisors oversee the progress and execution of learning initiatives. This includes setting budgets, managing timelines, and coordinating with stakeholders.


  • Evaluating Learning Outcomes: Learning advisors evaluate the effectiveness of learning initiatives. This includes collecting data on learner satisfaction, performance improvement, and return on investment.


At Infopro Learning, our Learning Consulting & Advisory services offer a tailor-made framework to assess, categorize, and address the root causes in your learning curriculum, all to enhance employee performance. We take pride in creating a cohesive L&D strategy that perfectly aligns with your unique workforce development plan.

This guarantees that the right knowledge reaches the right individuals precisely when they need it the most. With our authentic and personalized approach, we are committed to helping you unlock your team’s true potential and achieve remarkable results.

A Closer Look at Infopro Learning’s Consulting Process: From Analysis to Outcomes

Our approach to addressing clients’ or partners’ needs and challenges is structured and systematic. It comprehensively analyzes the organization’s requirements and formulating tailored strategies and solutions. Listed below are the services we provide:

  • Intake and Solution Design is a process where we carefully study and gather information about what an organization needs to learn. Based on this, we create customized learning solutions just for them.


  • Learning Strategy provides a clear and structured approach to develop a roadmap for enhancing the skills and capabilities of employees. This strategy outlines the steps and methods to devise an effective employee development plan systematically.


  • Outcome Planning in the learning process entails establishing well-defined and quantifiable objectives while pinpointing the necessary actions to attain those objectives.


  • Talent & Leadership Development is about helping people grow and become better at what they do. It involves improving their skills, abilities, and leadership qualities through learning new things and improving existing ones.


Our learning consulting process includes the following four steps:

  • Research: Thoroughly comprehend the client’s products and services.
  • Engage: Create a strong foundation of trust by fostering empathy and developing a profound understanding of the client’s business objectives.
  • Advocate: Championing client’s success by thoroughly understanding their desired outcomes and the key factors that drive their value. We align our values with theirs to ensure a strong and effective partnership.
  • Lead to a Solution: Assist clients in making informed decisions and challenge them to break free from the status quo.

We integrate artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the client experience. Partner with our learning and development experts to revolutionize training development in your organization, leveraging AI’s potential to maximize learner engagement, promote agility, and achieve cost reductions of up to 25%.

Benefits of Partnering with a Learning Advisory Services Provider

Below are several ways in which Learning Advisory can facilitate the process of training transformation within your organization, benefiting the team, the business and your learners:

Customizing Training for Optimal Skill Development

Learning Advisory services emphasize a tailored approach, ensuring that eLearning solutions or training programs are customized to address employees’ skill gaps and learning preferences. Organizations can optimize the learning experience by identifying individualized learning paths, leading to improved knowledge retention and skill application in real-world scenarios.

Enhancing Learning Outcomes with Expert Guidance

With expert guidance from Learning Advisory consultants, employee development programs are designed to align with business objectives. This alignment ensures that learning interventions improve performance, productivity, and organizational efficiency.

Unlocking Training ROI on a Budget

Contrary to popular belief, Learning Advisory is not solely the realm of large enterprises. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from this service, as it aids in prioritizing the allocation of resources and investing in L&D solutions that generate the highest return on investment.

Agility and Scalability with Adaptive Programs

In the ever-changing landscape of the business world, companies need to maintain adaptability and agility. Learning Advisory helps organizations develop training programs that can scale with the evolving needs of the workforce, keeping them competitive and future-ready.

Staying Ahead with the Right Tech Stack

The eLearning landscape continuously evolves, with new technologies and platforms emerging regularly. Learning Advisory consultants stay abreast of these developments, guiding organizations in selecting the right technology stack that aligns with their eLearning objectives, infrastructure, and existing systems.

Tracking Success with Tangible KPIs

Getting feedback is very important to keep employees interested and involved. Based on Gallup data, employees who strongly agree that they received beneficial feedback the previous week are nearly four times more likely to be engaged than their counterparts. Having measurable performance metrics is crucial for assessing the effectiveness of training and development initiatives. Learning Advisory helps organizations identify relevant KPIs and assessment methods, enabling them to track progress and fine-tune strategies for continuous improvement.

Embracing L&D Changes Seamlessly

Transitioning to new training processes or methodologies may involve organizational culture and process changes. Learning Advisory consultants provide change management support, ensuring a smooth integration of eLearning initiatives within the company’s existing structure.


In an era where an organization’s success hinges on its employees’ collective knowledge and skills, learning advisory emerges as an indispensable tool for corporate eLearning development. Organizations can unlock the complete potential of their workforce and cultivate a culture of perpetual growth by adopting a strategic and individualized approach to learning. As the eLearning landscape continues to evolve, organizations that seize the transformative power of Learning Advisory will thrive in an ever-changing business environment.

Embark on this learning transformation journey and unlock your organization’s untapped potential today with us. Contact us at, communicate with one of our representatives, and allow us to streamline the L&D process for your convenience.

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