Navigating the dynamic landscape of modern businesses demands more than just the usual strategies. It requires a constant commitment to nurturing employees’ skills and fostering growth. This is where the Learning and Development (L&D) department steps in, evolving from a traditional training approach to a strategic cornerstone. Prioritizing continuous learning and upskilling is crucial for driving organizational success. As indicated in LinkedIn’s “Building the Agile Future ” report, approximately 25% of job skill requirements have undergone a shift of about 25% since 2015. Projections suggest that by 2027, this percentage is anticipated to double. Amidst the ever-changing business landscape, a new player has emerged – Learning Consulting.

Unlike traditional training methods, learning consulting takes a holistic approach, collaborating closely with organizations to identify learning needs, devise tailored solutions, execute effective learning experiences, and assess their impact. It’s about aligning learning initiatives with larger business objectives and redefining how companies approach professional development. Understanding the essence of learning consulting is paramount, given its rapidly growing significance in the industry.

The Future of Work Guide: Preparing Workforce with Meaningful Learning Experiences

Understanding Learning Consulting

Learning consulting is a dynamic approach to organizational learning that goes beyond conventional training methodologies. The primary emphasis is creating, executing, and refining learning approaches aligning with an organization’s objectives and obstacles. Unlike traditional L&D approaches that often involve one-size-fits-all training programs, learning consulting takes a more personalized and strategic approach.

At the heart of learning consulting lie several fundamental principles that underpin its efficacy. Firstly, it’s about tailoring learning solutions to an organization’s needs. Instead of offering generic training sessions, learning consultants analyze an organization’s unique context, workforce, and objectives to develop targeted learning interventions.

Differences from Traditional L&D Approaches

One of the key differentiators between learning consulting and traditional L&D approaches is the proactive involvement of learning consultants in understanding an organization’s overarching strategy. While L&D traditionally focuses on delivering predetermined training content, learning consultants dig deeper to comprehend the bigger picture. They collaboratively explore the organization’s goals, challenges, and future direction. This comprehension empowers them to design training programs directly contributing to the organization’s achievement.

Strategic Partners vs. Trainers

Learning consultants are not just trainers; they’re strategic partners. Their role extends beyond merely imparting knowledge. They actively participate in shaping the learning ecosystem within an organization. By aligning learning initiatives with strategic objectives, learning consultants become integral to driving business outcomes. They collaborate with senior leaders and stakeholders to identify skill gaps, align learning solutions with business goals, and track the impact of learning on organizational performance.

Collaboration with Stakeholders, SMEs, and Business Leaders

Learning consulting thrives on collaboration. This encompasses a variety of participants, including stakeholders, subject matter experts (SMEs), and business leaders. This collaborative effort ensures that learning solutions are well-rounded and relevant. Stakeholders bring insights into organizational needs, SMEs provide in-depth subject knowledge, and business leaders align learning objectives with business objectives.

By engaging these stakeholders throughout the learning journey, learning consultants create a holistic learning experience that resonates with individual learners and the organization. This collaborative approach facilitates continuous improvement, as feedback from various perspectives helps fine-tune learning solutions over time.

Why Consider Learning Consulting? – The Benefits

When it comes to expanding the skillset of your employees, the path sometimes can’t be a straight line. That’s where learning consulting comes into play – a strategic approach that offers many benefits tailored to your unique professional journey.

  • Tailored Learning Plans: One size doesn’t fit all, especially in the world of learning. Learning consulting considers your aspirations and existing skills to craft a personalized learning plan. This means you won’t be bogged down with material you’ve already mastered and won’t miss out on crucial knowledge gaps. Your learning journey becomes as unique as you are.
  • Access to Subject Matter Experts: Learning from the best in the business is a surefire way to fast-track your growth. With learning consulting, you gain direct access to subject matter experts who bring their practical insights and industry wisdom to the table. This isn’t just about textbooks and theories – it’s about learning from those who have emerged victorious in the trenches.
  • Stay Ahead in Your Industry: Industries evolve quickly, and staying relevant requires constant upskilling. Learning consultants are adept at identifying emerging trends and technologies, ensuring you’re always a step ahead. By leveraging their expertise, you can skillfully navigate the intricacies of your industry with assurance and precision.
  • Bridge Skill Gaps Effectively: We all have those areas where the employees’ skills could be boosted. Learning consulting zeroes in on those gaps and creates a roadmap to address them efficiently. Whether enhancing your employee’s project management prowess or honing their data analysis skills, you’ll be equipped with the tools to bridge those gaps and excel.
  • Real-World Application of Knowledge: The best way to know if you’ve learned something is by using it in real life. Learning consulting emphasizes practicality – the knowledge your employees have acquired isn’t confined to theory; it’s designed to be implemented. This hands-on approach ensures that every lesson learned has a tangible impact on their work, allowing them to contribute effectively to their projects and teams.

Getting Started with Learning Consulting for Your Organization

Continuous learning is now a necessity in the ever-changing business world. Knowledge and skills are imperative for staying competitive. Learning consultants drive effective strategies, yielding tangible results. Let’s explore the key steps to curating a customized learning consulting strategy for your organization.

  • Self-Assessment of Learning Needs and Goals

    Before diving headfirst into the world of learning consulting, taking a step back and conducting a thorough self-assessment is crucial. What are the specific learning needs of your organization? What skills gaps need to be addressed? Are there any overarching learning goals that you want to achieve? Taking stock of your organization’s current affairs will provide a solid foundation for your learning strategy.

  • Finding the Right Learning Consultant or Firm

    Selecting the right learning consultant or firm is akin to finding a partner who understands your organization’s unique DNA. Search for experts with a history of creating and making successful learning projects. Consider their expertise, experience, and ability in order to determine whether they align with your organization’s values. Take the time to review their portfolio and gather references to ensure they’re the right fit for your learning journey.

  • Collaborative Goal Setting

    Effective learning consulting thrives on collaboration. Once you’ve found the right consultant, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and engage in collaborative goal setting. Create specific and measurable goals that match up with the bigger plans of your organization. Your consultant’s insights and expertise can help refine your goals, making them both ambitious and achievable.

  • Implementation of Personalized Learning Strategies

    Now comes the exciting part: crafting personalized learning strategies tailored to your organization’s needs. One size fits all doesn’t cut it anymore. A skilled learning consultant will work with you to design strategies that address your unique challenges and opportunities. Whether it’s workshops, online courses, mentoring programs, or a blend of various approaches, the goal is to create a holistic and effective learning ecosystem.

Infopro Learning’s Learning Consulting Framework

Infopro Learning’s learning consulting framework is like your trusted compass, guiding organizations through their current learning journey and into the future.

Current State

  • Plan an impact-measuring evaluation of the existing curriculum.
  • Administer an organization-wide needs analysis.
  • Optimize existing performance enhancement programs.

Future State

  • Provide a learning strategy for the future state of work.
  • Supply a learning strategy to support workforce transformation.
  • Identify, track, and measure key performance indicators.

Infopro Learning Consulting Benefits

  • Build an L&D function that fits into the organization’s current future infrastructure.
  • Align your organization’s short- and long-term goals with impactful learning strategies.
  • Optimize your training portfolio for a continuous learning environment.
  • Knowledge management strategy for better use of information to improve business performance.


Learning consulting is a continuous journey, not a one-time task. It demands consistent assessment, adaptation, and improvement. By customizing learning interventions and keeping pace with evolving employee needs, learning consulting redefines the role of L&D in the business ecosystem. Regular interactions with your consultant are crucial to maintaining a pertinent and adaptable strategy in the dynamic business environment.

If you want to hire learning consultants for your organization, we’re here to help. We have the latest tools to improve your employees’ outcomes through training and technology. Just reach out to us at

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