The modern workplace is rapidly changing. Due to advances in technology and current events the global workplace is expanding. More employees are working from home than ever than before. These recent changes are only expected to continue and along with these changes comes new challenges.

In a world where distributed teams work across the globe on projects often serving communities in different nations all the time. It is no surprise that diversity training is growing in popularity. Cross cultural job training is now essential to a quality high functioning workplace. In this article we will share with you the ways implementing diversity training can help your organization.

Increased Ability to Attract and Retain Talent

If your organization is struggling to attract and retain new talent diversity training may be a solution worth looking into. Implementing a high-quality diversity training program can help your organization attract new talent and increase employee retention.

Diversity and inclusion are important to employees in today’s workforce. 67% of job seekers consider diversity an important factor they think about while looking for employment (1).

50% of employees would also like their current workplace to do more to increase diversity (2). Having programs in place to educate your employees sends the message that diversity is something the company takes seriously and values.

Improved Workplace Culture

Diversity and inclusion have a significant impact on workplace culture. Most organizations have policies in place regarding diversity, however this is not always enough. Unfortunately 24% of employees have experienced some form of discrimination at work (3).

Going beyond policies and providing employee training regarding diversity is important. One of the best ways you can prevent issues such as discrimination and exclusion is to educate your employees. Ensuring that your employees have a deeper understanding of different topics regarding diversity will improve relationships throughout the organization. Some of following topics the most popular and relevant for modern organizations today.

  • Workplace diversity
  • Sexual harassment
  • Unconscious bias
  • Cultural competence
  • Racial and ethnic differences

Higher Levels of Employee Engagement

Many organizations today struggle to engage their current employees. Fortunately providing diversity skills training can make a difference. Companies that focus on increasing diversity and inclusivity in the workplace can boost millennial engagement at work by as much as 83%. Considering that millennials are now the largest generation in the current workforce, this can greatly impact engagement levels at just about any organization (4).

Boosting Innovation and Productivity

Having employee training programs in place can impact the way your employees perform on the job. Having inclusive positive working relationships can greatly improve employee productivity. Diverse and inclusive teams are 87% better at making decisions (4). They are also 70% more likely to capture new markets (5).

When all employees feel included and can share their ideas without fear, they are also able to contribute to the creation of new ideas. According to the Harvard Business Review, organizations with higher than average diversity had 19% higher than average rates of innovation (6).

Increased Revenue

Another benefit of learning and development programs that focus on diversity is an increase in profits. Reduced employee retention rates, a positive workplace culture and high rates of productivity all contribute to higher profits.

In fact, companies that provide training regarding ethnic diversity have 35% higher profits than the national average. Those that provide employee learning opportunities about gender diversity have profits that are as much as 15% higher than the national average (6).

Final Note

It is no secret the way organizations operate and how employees work is changing. Technology has broken down many barriers and the global workforce is growing. One of the best ways you can set your business up for success and empower your employees is by providing them learning opportunities regarding diversity.

These programs have the power to improve communication, strengthen teams and boost innovation. Providing a more inclusive workplace attracts the best talent and helps you retain the employees you have now. Learn more about the future of L&D and listen to the podcast Navigating the New Normal.

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