The business world and the way we work has changed exponentially. These changes have many business leaders thinking about the future. They are looking for ways to improve their ability to adapt to change. They are also looking for ways to meet the growing employee development needs on the horizon. One of the best ways modern businesses can more easily achieve these goals is by training outsourcing. In this article, we will share the three top business benefits of training outsourcing.

Improve Buinesss Agility

Today many organizations are looking for ways they can increase their ability to adapt to change. Having the ability to quickly train employees and equip them with the most up-to-date information is a critical part of achieving this goal. Working with an outsourced training provider can help businesses improve their agility in two different ways.

  • Increase speed of training development and delivery

Training outsourcing can significantly speed up the entire training lifecycle. Whether it is content design, development or delivery or perhaps the administration of the LMS or coordination of training logistics, an outsourced provider can assign an entire team of experts to handle your learning and development projects. Your learning initiatives are the top priority for the team that is working on them, ensuring a speedy development process. Professionals in the training industry will also be able to assist you in selecting the fastest and most effective methods, further increasing speed. Lastly the training partner can deploy technologies focused on training that bring greater speed to your processes and timelines.

  • Improve scalability

The recent disruptive business environment often impacts an organization’s employee learning initiatives. It is common for business needs to fluctuate between large and small-scale projects throughout the year. Choosing to co-sourcing partner can improve your organization’s ability to expand or reduce the size of its L&D teams accordingly and ultimately resource load the L&D team to match the business objectives. Outsourcing allows your business to scale up or down at a moment’s notice.

Increase Training ROI

  • Improve scalability

Outsourcing can help your organization get the most out of its L&D investments. Although there are many factors that can reduce the effectiveness of your training programs, working with trained professionals can help your organization avoid potential pitfalls. There are three ways an outsourced training provider can help you increase your training ROI.

  • Develop a business-aligned learning strategy

A trusted and experienced training services organization or managed learning provider will have a strategic process that ensures the proper alignment of training with your companies business goals. Even the best training programs will fail if they do not focus on closing the right knowledge gaps and ensure that they deliver the expected business outcomes. An outsourced provider will be able to identify performance and knowledge gaps that need to be addressed to achieve the needed business results.

  • Strategic process for measurement and optimization

Outsourced training providers can also assist you with the evaluation of your current training process. A training provider will use have both the tools and experience needed to accurately measure the effectiveness of your training programs. They use tools such as learning analytics to gain insights into potential areas for improvement.

  • Access to resources

Working with an outsourced training provider will give your business access to the professional training tools needed to create exceptional learning experiences today. This will help your company save money as well as improve training effectiveness.

Training an in-house team can also be an expensive and time-consuming process that can be avoided by outsourcing. When you outsource, you will be working with experts who have an abundance of industry experience and knowledge.

Reducing Workload

Leading organizations today are focused on goals such as increasing industry visibility, innovation, and impact. Employee training and development play a major role in helping business leaders achieve these goals. However, there are many other factors they must address. Outsourcing your business’s training needs can help reduce the workload in two different ways.

  • Focus on your businesses core objectives

A considerable amount of time, effort, and knowledge are needed to create high-quality training programs today. Whether you choose to outsource eLearning content development or the evaluation of an instructor-led course, you are freeing up more time for your in-house teams to focus on its core mission and goals.

  • Adopting new technology

Training outsourcing also reduces the need to evaluate, select and implement new technologies – which is a critical in the process of digital transformation. This process is time consuming and often, learning leaders lack the core competency. Having a trusted learning partner allows L&D departments to rely on the partner’s expertise in bringing the right tools and technology, while minimizing the effort of organization leaders.

  • Allows your L&D and HR teams to focus on other essential functions

The role of modern L&D and HR teams have shifted recently. While they may still handle more traditional day to day functions, they are now also playing a role in helping business leaders develop people-focused business strategies and sophisticated talent management strategies. Co-sourcing your organization’s training needs will help reduce the workload of your in-house teams so they can better focus on their new role.

Final Note

Training outsourcing is an effective solution for organizations who want to provide quality learning experiences for their employees without the common struggles of staffing a full sized L&D team and reducing the expense associated with learning technologies. By outsourcing, you can increase your organization’s agility, increase your training ROI and reduce the workload of your in-house teams. Learn more about training outsourcing and read the eBook Managed Learning Outlook 2021

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