If You Must do More with Less, Efficiency is the Key to Success

The operations of L&D are complex and require the integration of several moving parts. While other departments can streamline efficiency with software and machines, the L&D department is in the “people” business, which leads to highly manual processes.

That isn’t to say there haven’t been innovations in technology to simplify these processes (Learning Management Systems, Training Management Systems, etc.), certain processes, such as the global roll-out of a compliance training program, remain overwhelmingly complex. Aside from the logistical challenges of getting learners and facilitators in the right location, at the right time, in the same classroom, there are also language translations, cultural considerations, and differences in employee labor laws that can leave people with the blackest of Six Sigma belts to feel overwhelmed.

These people, processes, and technologies all have dollar figures attached to them and, as the CLO knows more than most, the dollars start to add up quickly.

For the CLO who is continuously asked to do more with less,
creating more operational efficiency is crucial to the success
of their entire department because every dollar saved in
low-level tasks frees up resources for more value-add areas.

In addition, these processes create severe headaches for CLOs and their teams who would rather focus on more strategic initiatives, instead of spending time fighting fires.

Leveraging Business Partnerships Can Be a Quick Win for the CLO

It is no surprise that outsourcing Training Administration is becoming one of the most popular outsourced activities, especially for companies that operate across several locations. Not only is it less expensive to outsource these functions, but it also gives the CLO more visibility and accountability from their training operations.

For the CLO being pulled in every direction, having a single point of contact that they can call upon to run reports, diagnose problems, and manage expenses, is a tremendous value. It allows them to free up their mind and focus on more strategic initiatives that can become competitive advantages to the organization.

Speaking of less expensive, we are not talking about negligible numbers. Nelson Hall reports that outsourcing training activities is 25% less expensive than working with internal teams. Imagine being able to free up 25% of your budget. What could you accomplish?

NelsonHall reports that outsourcing training activities is
25% less expensive than working with internal teams.

NelsonHall is the known subject-matter expert when it comes to outsourcing these activities and they produce an annual report for those that are looking to go this route. If you would like to download the report on Infopro Learning, click here NelsonHall’s full NEAT report.

For more on the important levers for CLOs, such as operational efficiency, check out our ebook The Three Levers of a Successful CLO.

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