One of the latest trends for hiring learning talent relies on using third-party companies to cater to the requirements of an L&D organization. This trend has made it easier for companies to access a wider talent pool without getting bogged down in the recruitment process. L&D talent outsourcing has become a popular alternative to hiring full-time, permanent employees. This strategy involves outsourcing the task of recruiting new employees to another organization capable of hiring talent on a temporary, as-needed or permanent basis.

According to Deloitte’s insights, as organizations plan for the future of their workforce and talent acquisition strategies, they are increasingly expanding their sourcing ecosystems to incorporate external providers. In fact, 87% of organizations view external employees as integral workforce members.

So, what exactly is learning talent outsourcing, and why are more L&D organizations transitioning to this model?

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What Is Learning Talent Outsourcing?

In today’s competitive recruiting landscape, securing the right L&D talent for your business is crucial to its success. The L&D industry is facing evolving challenges in finding and hiring qualified candidates, along with growing skill and knowledge gaps. L&D talent outsourcing involves engaging external experts to manage an organization’s hiring function, including the people, processes, technological platforms, and strategies.

This approach to talent acquisition is becoming increasingly popular, and businesses that have embraced learning talent outsourcing have seen success in all aspects of their operations. An L&D talent outsourcing partner extends a company’s HR function, providing innovative and comprehensive talent acquisition solutions, while working on-site with the client.

Over half of all US companies utilize talent outsourcing services to fill their vacant positions. This streamlined hiring strategy not only increases efficiency and ensures consistency, but also reduces risk while saving time and money.

Below are the 5 benefits of outsourced L&D talent in 2023:

More flexibility with on-demand talent

By offering on-demand access to L&D talent, a learning talent solutions provider can enhance your company’s agility, boosting its capacity to meet sudden increases in demand and swiftly adapting to changing business requirements. Whether you require the services of a single L&D freelancer, an entire team, or on an as-needed basis, you can utilize their expertise for as long as necessary to manage the flow of your business.

Control of projects

Hiring outsourced L&D talent does not mean relinquishing control over your projects. You can utilize your learning experience specialist or engage one from an L&D talent provider, but you will still maintain supervision over the project and its outcomes. Outsourcing offers the best of both worlds because you can oversee your L&D projects while leveraging specialized experts with the latest skills and knowledge. Many outsourced L&D talent solution providers offer candidates and take on administrative tasks, allowing you to concentrate on your priorities while still retaining control.

Easy access to subject matter experts

According to the 2023 Workplace Learning Report LinkedIn, 82% of global leaders believe the HR function is more crucial than ever. Outsourcing your L&D talent requirements enables you to access a wide talent pool of experienced experts from various fields and industries. These professionals possess extensive knowledge and skill in the latest tools, certifications, and best practices, which can add immediate value to your L&D organization. Additionally, they are quick learners who can adapt to changes promptly and assist in achieving crucial initiatives.

Cost-effective quality performance

Contrary to popular belief, gig workers, freelancers, or talent required on an as-needed basis are generally less costly than permanent L&D employees, especially considering the time and expenses involved in recruiting and onboarding employees. Direct and indirect expenses are also important to take into account, such as benefits and investments in new skills. On the other hand, outsourced L&D talent is paid only for the work they complete, have the required skills, and are only compensated for their services.

Goals and deadlines on track

Independent contractors and part-time employees have experience in starting work promptly without delay. They can be quickly matched to your company’s culture, expertise, and industry, providing the right learning talent to move your project forward seamlessly. This skill enables your organization to meet aggressive project timelines, enhancing its competitiveness.


L&D talent outsourcing allows organizations to access a wider pool of qualified and skilled talent without managing the recruitment process. The benefits of hiring outsourced L&D talent include: flexibility with on-demand talent, control over projects, easy access to subject matter experts, cost-effective quality performance, and keeping goals and deadlines on track. By embracing learning talent outsourcing solutions, organizations can achieve their L&D objectives while remaining competitive and meeting their business needs.

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