If there’s one thing that the world has learned over the past few years, it’s that change is inevitable, but combating change is easier said than done. LinkedIn’s 2022 Workplace Learning Report reveals that 87% of L&D professionals have helped their organizations adapt to change. In fact, 72% agree that L&D should be viewed as a strategic function rather than just a subsidiary of the HR department.

However, finding the right L&D talent can be a herculean task on several fronts. Given the rising costs of recruitment, geographical limitations, fluctuating demand, and the current hybrid model of corporate life, organizations need to find a reliable, cost-effective, and efficient method of hiring that is profit-centric and goal-oriented. Smart organizations have partnered with agile talent management specialists to bridge their learning skill gaps. The right learning partner can help formulate an end-to-end learning services framework that can propel the business forward. Here’s how they can help:

 Human Capital Management Challenges

The Devil is in the Details

Systematic planning is a key ingredient to successful execution. Quite often, creating a learning atmosphere starts with onboarding the senior management. With their support, an agile talent partner can help evaluate current learning requirements based on the over-arching business strategy and break them down into specific focus areas and goals. This stage would involve collaborating with individual business departments to plan for specific learning initiatives which will ensure the greatest return on investment. A well-designed learning blueprint for the year will eliminate any guesswork or ambiguity and give the organization a roadmap for the coming months.

Delivers with Certainty

While the concept of agile talent solutions is quickly gaining ground, a dedicated learning partner has the expertise, resources, and network to make it truly effective. Organizations can tremendously benefit from having a ready pool of L&D talent professionals vetted after a multi-stage interview process. Further, when facing a time crunch, it becomes critical to depend on reliable and timely service with teams of recruiters working around the clock across time zones to find potential candidates who will add value to the company.

Manages Minutely the Miscellaneous

Like many other facets of business, much nitty-gritty goes into executing organizational learning initiatives. Some include course and class scheduling, logistics, budgeting, LMS administration, budgeting, tracking and monitoring, content management, etc. Employees often witness only the front-end program; however, a successfully implemented session will have a specialized agile talent partner who has created a firm and foolproof foundation. From arranging accommodation, sending out invites, and anchoring tech support to creating a learning helpdesk and completing course management, various critical ingredients exist in accomplishing business goals.

Keep Tabs on Training Quality

The trainer or facilitator significantly impacts the learners irrespective of how well a program is organized. Therefore, even a perfectly structured program can leave a negative impact if the trainer is unprepared, inexperienced, or simply a bad communicator. A company specializing in agile talent solutions will ensure that its instructors are involved in continuous learning initiatives and are abreast with the best practices in the industry. Besides onboarding certifications and train-the-trainer programs, instructors will learn how to facilitate a virtual environment for maximum effectiveness.

Measures with the Right Metrics

Both learning and performance needs must be measured irrespective of the mode of delivery, whether classroom training or digital learning. Apart from post-assessment and trainer feedback, it is vital to evaluate whether there has been an increase in productivity and performance. An experienced agile talent management partner will have various advanced tools that can help capture accurate data and then interpret it for future decision-making.

Undoubtedly, agile talent will continue to be one of the most successful hiring solutions of our time. Companies that make the right move now can capitalize on opportunities and strike when the iron is hot. Partner with us today and benefit from a simple, reliable, and quick process that encapsulates the A to Z of bridging learning gaps across the organization.

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