Training outsourcing has been growing in popularity this year. This makes sense if you consider how employee learning and development have become critical to driving change, productivity, and business resilience. The recent pandemic launched digital transformation forward, further accelerating changes.

Every industry has been impacted in one way or another. Employee roles and jobs have shifted, and these changes have caused a significant need for training and development programs to help them successfully transition.

Industry leaders are now focusing on building up their agility and resilience. They are investing in learning solutions that help support these goals, but much has changed in the learning landscape. Learners have new needs and any of the popular trends just a year ago are no longer effective.

Outsourced training providers have been able to help organizations make quick adjustments and fill learning needs quickly. However, now as we move forward, outsourcing with managed training services provider could help businesses go beyond filling immediate needs and create resilient L&D strategies for future success.

Outcomes-Based Approach to Strategy Development

The approach that is used to develop your learning strategy significantly impacts its effectiveness. The best strategies are designed to meet the business’s unique needs. When learning strategies fail, it is often due to a lack of alignment between the learning program’s objectives and the business’s goals.

An experienced managed learning services provider will have a proven method or process they use to develop winning learning strategies. The most effective approaches today focus on aligning learning

objectives with your organization’s business goals. A business-aligned approach ensures that each piece of learning content is designed to support the organization’s core goals. This approach maximizes training effectiveness and business benefits.

Utilize the Most Effective Tools and Training Delivery Methods to Engage Modern Learners

There are a considerable number of new challenges creating barriers to quality learning experiences today. Many organizations have adopted new flexible workplace models, causing a need for online learning programs that can expand geographic reach. New learning technologies are needed to improve communication and increase collaboration. Content development needs to be completed quickly and often needs to be updated regularly.

An outsourced learning provider can help you develop a learning strategy that addresses the relevant challenges of employee training. You will have experts in the training industry who know the most up-to-date information about tools and trends that meet modern learner’s needs. They can help you develop a strategy to address each challenge in your organization.

Increase Scalability

Due to the current disruptive business environment, organizations learning needs often change several times a year. There may be a reason to scale back training or to launch a new enterprise-wide program. Having a plan in place to address challenges as they arise is one of the best ways you to set your business up for success.

A managed learning provider can strengthen your learning strategy by providing end-to-end services. They can help you fill immediate needs as well as scale up or down. Managed service providers offer everything from delivering training and support services to content development. If you are already working with a managed services partner on other projects, they will already understand your strategy, making it easier to accomplish quickly and efficiently.

Integrate a Comprehensive Process for Optimization and Updates

Evaluation, updates, and optimization are often overlooked during strategy development. This is a missed opportunity to increase the effectiveness of training. It also makes it harder to update content and adapt to organizational changes in the future.

A quality managed services provider is familiar with the training evaluation process. They will be able to help your business integrate updates and measurements into your strategy. Building this process into your strategy will streamline optimization as well as prevent potential complications and speed up the execution of updates that are made.


Over the past year, leading organizations have learned that resilience has become pivotal to their success. Although you can’t always predict the changes that are to come, you can prepare by setting up a learning strategy that supports the resilience and the ability to adapt. Outsourcing with a trusted managed learning partner can help you build a successful learning strategy for the future. Learn more about managed learning services and read the eBook Managed Learning Outlook 2021.

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