Training outsourcing has quickly become a popular solution over the last year. There are a variety of training outsourcing options organizations can use to overcome modern employee training challenges today. One line of outsourced training industry services that is often overlooked is learning administration. Managed learning providers often offer administrative services that can help organizations streamline their L&D processes.

To help you better understand the many benefits of learning administration, we have shared three ways this service can help boost your training ROI.

Increasing Operational Efficiency

Outsourcing learning administration is one of the most effective ways you can quickly improve the operational efficiency of your employee learning programs. An outsourced training industry partner will be able to provide you with experienced professionals. They are trained to use the most up-to-date tools and processes.

Outsourced administrative assistants will understand the ins and outs of the training industry. Outsourcing will improve the speed and accuracy of each task that is handled. Administration services include scheduling, logistics, tracking, reporting, budgeting, and LMS administration.

An outsourced administrative team will have the skills needed to hit the ground running. This saves organizations time and money that the they would otherwise need to train an in-house team. Outsourcing is not only a cost-effective choice, but it also enables your internal teams to focus on core business objectives.

24 Hour Support

Digital transformations have taken off over the last year, along with online training programs. Most organizations that provide online learning environments for their employees host their programs on a learning management system (LMS). An LMS is a highly effective way to provide training to the modern workforce. However, they require management and maintenance to work optimally.

Many organizations only have a single person or a small team managing the LMS for their entire organization. In many cases, the team often has other roles or tasks unrelated to the management of the LMS. In some cases, the teams have not been thoroughly trained. These types of scenarios lead to more frequent maintenance issues and slow resolution times. Managed learning service organizations often provide LMS-related offerings. Learning administrative services often includes twenty-four-hour support and administrative services, ensuring that your system is running smoothly. Outsourcing is especially useful for enterprise organizations with employees working from multiple time zones.

Outsourced administrative staff will already be equipped with the skills needed to keep your online learning programs running efficiently. Outsourced learning administration professionals will help you get the most out of your investment.

Improving Learning Experiences

The need for training programs that reskill employees and increase productivity has grown over the last year. The pandemic and recent events have impacted the way we work and learn. Employees in nearly every industry need new skills to adapt to these changes.

Organizations that can quickly deliver high-quality learning experiences that support business strategy and goals will have the competitive advantage of agility. Adapting to change quickly helps organizations build resilience.

Outsourcing your organization’s learning administrative needs can significantly improve the quality of the learning experiences your organization provides. An outsourced provider can help ensure the seamless delivery of your employee development programs. They provide skilled administrative staff that can assist with LMS maintenance and content management. They can also assist with the logistics of important training events such as VILT sessions.

Final Word

This year organizations have been looking for strategies that both improve and streamline employee learning experiences. Employee development has quickly turned into a top priority. Reskilling and engagement have become critical for business success. Quality learning programs increase business agility and resilience.

For many modern organizations, training outsourcing is a highly effective solution. Outsourcing learning administrative services can help businesses significantly boost their training ROI. Learn more about how you can leverage training outsourcing this year and read the eBook, A Trusted Guide to Outsourcing Talent and How to Go About it.

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