Much like the rest of the world the corporate training landscape is rapidly shifting. The impact of Covid19 drastically changed the way we work, communicate, and learn. Although, many organizations have already made the necessary changes needed to continue conducting business this year many organizations are wondering what learning trends to expect and prepare for in 2021.

Infopro Learning has more than 25 years of experience providing end to end learning services to industry leaders across the globe. To better help you understand how the pandemic has impacted the future of work we have shared 3 keys insights in this article.


There are 3 major insights you should know about as you begin to develop your learning strategies for the upcoming year. L&D teams are now playing a new role in developing business aligned learning strategies. Business aligned strategies will directly impact the success of your business. This year there was an increase in the adoption of new learning technology. This year the most successful organizations will be finding new ways t use technology to create more engaging and impactful learning experiences. Businesses are now looking to become more agile and are working towards creating a workplace culture that embraces change.

Insight 1: The New Role of L&D in Strategy Development

L&D professionals play a critical role in developing the future of work. They have the knowledge and insights needed to help their organizations develop a strong learning strategy for 2021.

This year businesses in every industry have had to make drastic changes to the way they operate. These changes include a shift in their learning strategies. What is more interesting is that most organizations do not plan to return to their pre-Covid19 strategies any time soon.

A significant amount of organizations has shifted larger portions of their learning budgets towards digital learning solutions. The most successful corporate training programs in 2021 will be focused on improving business agility and helping employees gain the new skills they need to adjust these to recent changes.

Today L&D professionals are partnering with C-level executives to create comprehensive learning plans that are aligned with business needs, enable innovation, close skills gaps, and increase engagement. These learning strategies will include the integration of corporate training software and cutting-edge training strategies.

Insight 2: Top 2021 Trends

The integration of technology and changing business models was a huge priority this year but moving forward experts expect there to be an increased focus on developing quality learning experiences in 2021. Many training and development programs that were once instructor led have already been converted into some form of online learning.

This year organizations will focus on creating long term learning and development strategies. professional development opportunities will include training content for employee reskilling and corporate learning solutions for the fast-growing gig economy. Employee training programs will continue to be delivered through digital learning platforms with an increased focus on skill training related to industry shifts.

Insight 3: Building a Culture of Change

Planning an effective learning strategy for 2021 is greatly dependent on your organizations ability to create a culture of change. Developing a culture of change begins with a partnership between an organizations business leaders and HR team. Together they can create a business aligned learning strategy. HR plays an essential role in carrying out tasks such as assessing gaps in employee skills and abilities which are needed to design effective learning journeys that positively impact your company’s bottom line.

With the market and trends continuously changing it is also important for your learning programs and training materials to be evaluated and updated regularly. Measuring the impact your training programs have on business performance will help maximize their benefits.

Key Takeaways

There is no denying that Covi19 has greatly sped up the digital transformation experts were expecting to see play out over the next several years. Organizations and their employees have had to quickly adapt to current trends and limitations to better meet the needs of their customers. The year 2021 is fast approaching and industry leaders are developing new L&D strategies to improve their organizations agility. There will be an increased focus on quality learning experiences and employee upskilling.

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