The success of sales hinges on the presence of a thriving sales team, which in turn relies on the combination of competent sales management and the performance of its sales reps. Managing a sales team can be incredibly challenging. It’s about more than just inspiring individuals with different motivations and personalities; you also have to rely on your team to meet the targets set by upper management, which is challenging, especially in a competitive market.

According to a study by Salesforce, 90% of sales reps on high-performing teams have leaders who encourage them to prioritize building long-term customer relationships rather than focusing solely on short-term wins.

This means that successful teams follow formal sales processes to guide their actions. To create a more organized sales team, you can follow two main methods: setting clear steps for selling and using specific sales techniques.

Moreover, to bridge the gap effectively between product-centric training and sales methodology, it’s essential to have a deep understanding of your organization’s sales methodology.

Product Knowledge Training for Sales Efficiency

What is a Sales Methodology?

A sales methodology is a comprehensive framework comprising guidelines, principles, and ideologies that sales representatives can adopt to shape their approach and decision-making at every stage of the sales process. Sales organizations adopt sales methodologies as they assist salespeople in transforming their objectives into practical strategies and frameworks.

Identify the key stages of your sales process, such as prospecting, qualifying leads, presenting solutions, and closing deals. Each stage may require specific skills and techniques that align with your sales methodology. By comprehending this framework, you can identify the areas where product-centric training can be integrated seamlessly.

Various organizations employ distinct sales methodologies to effectively address potential customers’ pain points at every stage of the buying process. A few are SPIN (Situation, Problem, Implication, Need-Payoff Selling, N.E.A.T(Need, Economic impact, Access to authority, Timeline) Selling, Inbound Selling, etc. At Infopro Learning, we adopt a distinctive approach known as the REAL (Research, Engage, Advocate, Lead) Selling Methodology to engage and secure our customers successfully.

What is a REAL Selling Methodology?

REAL Selling is a comprehensive approach that surpasses traditional methodologies by tailoring sales training to suit the specific characteristics of a company’s industry, range of solutions, team dynamics, strategic priorities, and other pertinent factors. It integrates a pragmatic framework that aligns with modern selling practices while catering to the distinct requirements of your organization.

Top sales representatives prioritize addressing buyer concerns, even if it entails acknowledging that their solution may not suit a potential customer. To accomplish this, the salesperson must possess two highly developed skill sets: comprehensive product knowledge and exceptional interpersonal abilities. What are the most important things you need to be good at in sales, and how can you improve them?

Product-centered training and sales strategies emphasize a product’s characteristics, functionalities, appearance, and pricing variations. On the other hand, solution selling, coupled with training on the product’s benefits, prioritizes understanding the customer’s profile, the challenges they encounter, their areas of concern, and how the offered solution will contribute to their success. To transition towards a more consultative approach to sales, your sales team must acquire a distinct set of tools and abilities beyond mere knowledge of the product’s features or basic sales soft skills.

According to a report from Spekit, nearly half (47%) of account executives have departed from their organizations due to inadequate training or onboarding.

Our sales training program is designed to have a lasting impact, enabling you to achieve your revenue objectives both currently and in the long term, regardless of the changes and advancements your company undergoes. Here is how REAL Selling stands apart from other sales methodologies in terms of its unique characteristics and distinguishing features.

Innovative Instructional Design Framework for Learner-Centered Learning

It places the learner at the forefront, prioritizing their needs, preferences, and individual learning styles. It tailors instructional materials and strategies to resonate with learners personally, fostering engagement, motivation, and enhanced knowledge acquisition.

For instance, by incorporating role-playing exercises and simulations during training sessions. These activities enable sales reps to practice applying product knowledge within the context of a sales conversation. By simulating real-world scenarios, sales teams can refine their sales techniques, address objections, and align their product-centric knowledge with the sales methodology.

Tailored Solutions for Every Organization’s Unique Needs

While competitors may emphasize their ability to customize, their efforts are often limited to superficial aspects like branding and do not encompass true customization. We create unique scenarios for each client, considering their industry, sales process, and other important aspects.

For instance, combining technical product training with effective communication, objection handling, negotiation skills, and relationship-building modules. This holistic approach ensures sales reps have product expertise and the necessary selling skills.

Empowering Clients with Perpetual Licensing

Clients have the opportunity to benefit from personalized sales training indefinitely. Clients receive the source files after paying the license fee and can continuously update the content. Once their trainers are fully trained, they can freely utilize the material without any extra charges for as long as they need. This perpetual licensing proves valuable in various situations, such as when:

  • New employees join and require familiarity with the methodology.
  • The company undergoes changes in strategy or personnel, necessitating the evolution of the training content.

Certified Instructors with Expertise in the REAL Selling Methodology

With their expertise and practical insights, our certified instructors provide effective training to enhance sales performance. Whether you are a novice or experienced, our expert instructors support your growth in mastering REAL Selling.

Delivering Value That Goes the Extra Mile with Competitive Pricing

Instead of charging per seat like our competitors (whose average cost is $2100 per seat), we determine our pricing based on the value we bring to our clients. This approach not only ensures higher quality with a personalized curriculum and top-notch instructors, but it also proves to be more affordable compared to our competitors. On average, our pricing is approximately 50% lower, allowing our clients to enjoy superior value at a significantly reduced cost.

Driving Measurable Results

At the core of our training programs, we prioritize driving behavioral shifts and tangible business outcomes. We work closely with our clients to find ways to make their business better and aim to make a big X% improvement by focusing on specific targets. These goals are incorporated into our initial proposal and consistently monitored. To ensure lasting impact, we maintain regular check-ins at 30, 60, and 90-day intervals following the program’s completion, assessing the actual results.

Some key performance indicators to include in the success plan could be enhancing employee retention rates, boosting the Net Promoter Score (NPS), achieving high ratings in customer satisfaction surveys, etc.

Aligning Departments for Client Success

We bridge the gaps and gain support from various departments within our client’s organization, including marketing, product, and sales leadership.

The Importance of Learner-Centered Training

Placing the learner as the focal point of all training endeavors holds significant importance due to several key factors, including enhancing comprehension of the subject matter and maximizing influence on close rates and revenue generation.

Take, for example, the situation where approximately 51% of sales professionals anticipate conducting the majority of their sales virtually in the future. However, 58% of salespeople find virtual selling more difficult than selling from an office. Surprisingly, only 29% of these professionals have received any training on virtual selling. Salespeople have a strong desire for training, and organizations can address this by prioritizing the needs of learners and understanding the specific challenges they face.

We have been providing learner-centered training for more than two and a half decades. Our sales training approach prioritizes your sales team’s needs, goals, and success above all else. As a leading provider in corporate training and human capital transformation, we help create exceptional employee and customer experiences through customized learning solutions. We have designed and implemented engaging learning experiences that attract, develop, and retain talent throughout the employee lifecycle.

The Significance of Customized Sales Methodology

Utilizing a sales methodology tailored to suit the organization’s distinct requirements is important. With the emergence of innovative products and solutions for sales representatives, an adaptable selling curriculum will bolster current sales strategies and accommodate future ones.

Customization lies at the heart of REAL Selling, setting it apart from others, as described in the below points:

You’ve probably utilized Challenger or another similar method in the past. While it provides a good starting point, it’s typically employed at a specific moment. However, we’ve discovered that as companies progress their strategies and teams, they require an approach that can adapt and expand alongside them.

Unlike the familiar models you’re accustomed to, our training is based on REAL Selling but offers complete customization. This goes beyond superficial aspects like colors and branding, allowing it to be fully tailored to suit your specific business needs.

Moreover, once you obtain the intellectual property rights and train your instructor, you’ll possess the material indefinitely. Whether you onboard new employees or witness your company’s growth and transformation, you’ll always be able to utilize it, regardless of how your organization evolves.


A sales team’s success depends on having capable sales managers and reps who perform well. When the sales process is organized and using a sales method, it brings structure and guidance. The REAL Selling Methodology is especially good because it can be customized, has certified instructors, allows perpetual licensing, has affordable pricing, and focuses on getting measurable results. Organizations can improve their sales strategies by prioritizing learners and personalizing the approach.

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