Today’s disruptive environment has caused many organizations to adopt new technology and practices to adapt to change. Business leaders have also been investing in leadership development programs. These two business decisions may not seem related at first, but leadership development can significantly impact the success of organizational changes.

Your business leaders are your drivers of change. Developing leaders at all levels can help boost performance, innovation, and engagement. Recent leadership development industry statistics show that leadership training affects individuals, teams they work with, and the organization as a whole.

Leadership development statistics have shown that training can lead to a 28% increase in leadership behaviors. They can also lead to an 8% climb in subordinate performance (1). In the same study, it was found that leadership development can lead to a 25% increase in organizational outcomes (1).

Infopro Learning has more than 25 years of experience in the training industry. We have developed numerous leadership training programs for leading organizations. Our learning solutions help enterprise businesses provide quality learning experiences that close leadership gaps. We recently designed a leadership training program for an organization going through the process of digital transformation.

Solution Highlights

An organization in the banking and financial services industry was recently integrating new AI-powered technology into their business processes. The organization quickly realized that its leadership teams played an essential role in the adoption process. Employees in frontline leadership roles work closely with both employees and customers. Training these leaders would help further the development of employees at all levels and greatly influence user adoption.

Infopro Learning designed a performance management program to help this organization train its emerging leaders. The five-part eLearning mini-series focused on aligning the leadership team with the companies top business priorities.

Programs Top Features

A blend of training delivery methods and topics were integrated into the leadership program to raise employee engagement. The training program was designed to help employees develop the leadership skills needed to drive performance. There were 3 top features that were the highlight of the leadership development program.

  • Leadership Development Videos

Video-based learning content is an effective way to engage modern learners. In this program, each segment of the mini-series began with a video that explained the basics of each topic. The introduction videos helped learners gain a basic understanding of new concepts. They also prepared them for the next steps of training.

  • Scenario Based Learning 

Learning scenarios is the use of simulated life-like situations. Multiple scenario modules were designed to build context around each topic. Every scenario provided an example of how a concept could be applied in real life. Learners would work through each scenario to practice applying what they learned in a risk-free environment.

  • Reflection Activities

Each segment concluded with different reflection activities to further facilitate the learning process. Each activity was designed to help learners think more deeply about the skills they have learned. They also explained how they can effectively use their new skills on the job. The activities and assessments also helped the learners gauge their personal progress and growth throughout the program.

Solution Results

The leadership training program was a huge success and yielded better results than the companies previously highest performing corporate training program. Three hundred new leaders participated in the training, and the results were astounding. After taking the courses, employees reported feeling more confident in their skills and abilities. The company also shared that there had been significant improvements in team performance and increased levels of productivity.

Quality leadership development programs can help modern organizations better navigate change. The most successful leadership training programs align learning objectives with key business outcomes. Each of Infopro Learning’s leadership programs is designed to help companies close the leadership gaps. Helping them to better achieve their business goals.

Learn more about how this winning leadership development solution helped this organization successfully navigate workplace changes. Read the case study, Leadership Training for New Leaders.

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