Today providing good customer service can give your organization a huge competitive advantage. You might be surprised to hear that some of the most successful customer service training programs don’t focus on products or services. Today the most effective programs are focused on improving the customer experience.

Customer training programs can help your organization better deal with managing customer expectations. They can also increase customer retention rates and improve the overall customer experience. These are the kinds of improvements that help set your organization apart from the rest. They help your company stand out. They can also help you increase profits and gain more loyal clients.

Infopro Learning has more than 25 years of experience creating business aligned learning solutions for industry leaders. We recently worked with a digital security company to create a corporate training program to increase awareness and improve customer experiences.

Solution Highlights

A leading cybersecurity company provides security awareness training as an additional service to it’s clents. The service was put into place to help reduce security risks and potential data breaches. However, the former content they provided was outdated.

Infopro Learning designed a modern series of training courses called mobisodes. The program was designed to help this organization increase user engagement and improve training effectiveness.

There were 3 key components to the design of this program. A blended strategy was used to raise engagement. Interactive mobisodes or video-based content was created to build context around each topic. The 3rd component was a clean modern design that coordinated with brands style to create a polished look.

Component 1: Blended Learning Strategy

Each module in the training program was designed using a blend of methods to increase user engagement. high quality animation and storytelling were used to bring each topic to life and make each subject more relatable. Interactive components were built into each mobisode to boost learner engagement. Scenario based knowledge checks were used to have learners practice the skills they were building.

Component 2: Engaging Mobisodes

The objective of the program was to increase awareness, inform customers of best practices and to improve breach readiness. The training content was placed into a series of mobisodes or interactive videos. The mobisode format was selected to increase customer engagement, interactions and to prevent information overload.

The mobisodes each covered a specific topic regarding digital security and data breaches. For example one mobisode covered the topic of phishing scams. The series taught learners how to identify a potential phishing scam and what to do if they click on one. The mobisode format was selected to increase customer engagement, interactions and to prevent information overload.

Component 3: Modern Design

Today learners are used to consuming video content on a regular basis making this format a familiar and effective for delivery.

The program included a wide range of high quality visual elements. Animations were used to raise engagement. Modern images and designs were used to create a visually appealing look. The entire program was designed using the brands style to create a polished professional look and tie each element together.

The program was hosted on a modern learning management system. Using this learning platform made each piece of content more accessible because all content was centrally located in a single location.

Solution Results

The customer training program was immensely successful. Customer feedback showed that participants felt the program was relevant, useful and easy to follow. The number of potential security risks for organizations who participated in the training dropped by as much as 37%. Over time more customers opted into participating in the program further reducing the number of security risks and breaches.

The organization was able to use the updated training materials to significantly improve customer satisfaction. The program also lightened the workload of their customer service teams. The new training program made it easier for this company to manage customer expectations and communicate with customers more clearly.

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