There is no denying that recent events have greatly impacted the way we work and learn today. Recent surveys suggest that between 25-30% of the workforce will continue to work from home at least part of the time after the pandemic dust settles (1). 98% of organizations today now have some form of virtual training available to employees (2).

It is expected that the demand for online learning solutions that provide flexibility will continue to grow this year. One of the best ways you can enhance your online learning programs is by utilizing the power of AI. There are five major ways your organizations can use AI in your corporate training programs.

Developing Personalized Learning Journeys

Low levels of engagement have been an all-too-common training hurdle for quite some time. However, businesses can now use AI enhanced learning analytics to develop personalized learning paths. Personalized journeys can increase engagement and improve training effectiveness. 77% of learning professionals think personalized learning is vital to employee engagement (1).

Employee’s today often work in different locations, have different levels of experience and varying learning preferences. More traditional training programs that take a one-size-fits-all approach are often ineffective. AI and learning analytics can be used to determine which training courses are the most relevant to each individual learner. AI can analyze learning patterns to make suggestions as to which training delivery methods are the most engaging for different individuals.

Improving Learning Experiences

AI can also improve learning experiences by providing automatic feedback and by answering questions at any time of day. Time and location are no longer barriers when you use eLearning solutions. AI can help enhance learning experiences even more by helping employees receive feedback more quickly. AI can be used to provide feedback while an employee takes a course.

AI can also be used to help in the employee onboarding process to enhance new hire experiences. New employees often have many questions in the first few weeks of starting a new job. Many organizations are now using HR chatbots to help new hires get answers to their questions more quickly. Chatbots are available 24/7 speeding up the learning process.

Eliminating Bias

Unfortunately, it is easy to let unconscious bias impact the evaluation process, but AI can help greatly reduce it. AI can be used to reduce unconscious bias from the training and development process.

When it comes to assessing and evaluating employee progress AI solely uses data to decide and deliver feedback. There is no subjectivity or opinion. This enables the evaluation process in the development programs to remain objective.

Measuring Program Effectiveness

Whether you are implementing a soft skills training course or company- wide compliance training program it is important to measure the effectiveness of all online learning activities.

Learning and development programs, no matter the subject are only valuable if they can provide a measurable impact on employee performance. AI can be used to track and measure the impact of all your online learning courses and materials. They can be used to detect learner patterns and to identify valuable insights.

With AI you can track learner progress, engagement levels and completion rates. This information will help you optimize your learning programs, get the most out of your learning initiatives and strengthen your bottom line.

Creating Corporate Training Materials

A huge amount of time goes into creating and curating learning content for your online training programs. There is also a growing need for large libraries of learning content. Therefore, many enterprise corporations are now using AI to curate and generate new learning materials.

AI can find relevant course materials from external sources by crawling the web. This is a useful tool for organizations who need to scale their library of learning materials quickly. It can also be useful for finding learning materials that are the most relevant for individual learners and their roles. AI is also able to use your internal content to generate new related materials in different formats.

Final Word

Many people still think that AI is something we will see in the future, but the truth is that AI is being used to solve training challenges today. Utilizing AI to enhance your employee training programs will help you increase program effectiveness and raise levels of engagement. Learn more about effective learning solutions for the future of work and read the eBook Personalized Learning Experiences Gearing up For the Millennial Workforce.

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