Social media has promoted a learning environment where new learning styles are being developed. To prepare for these changes, we should use the characteristics of millennials and their ideas of a comfortable learning environment to enhance and innovate the structure of corporate training. Not only for millennial learners, but all learners becuase the technological revolution has changed the way we all learn.

Based upon a chapter of Social Media: L&D’s Untapped Resource, this infographic lays out three traditional training approaches that can be updated with a millennial twist using social media. All in a handy infographic, enjoy!


Paloma Minaya

About the author:  Paloma Minaya is an Instructional Designer with InfoPro Learning based in Princeton, NJ. Paloma has a passion for the science of learning and improving the learning experience through sound instructional design methods. Prior to joining InfoPro Learning, Paloma was a Teacher and leveraged educational technologies to bring blended learning practices into the classroom.

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