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    Future Skill: Unlocking the potential of your organization


We know AI & Machine Learning is transforming the world of work. COVID-19 accelerated this transformation. One thing is imminent; you need to adapt, quickly. While there is a steep decline in physical skills, higher cognitive, social & emotional skills are on the rise. As organizations strive to build an inclusive organization, resilience, collaboration, and managing uncertainty are high on any employer’s wish-list. Future skills and how best to engrain in the cultural DNA of an organization are the key. Personalization and giving learning a digital dimension are where we see the best way forward on how organizations can unlock their organization’s true potential.

Join Scott Margason & Prem Bhagat in this insightful session where they provide unique insights as to how one can unlock the potential in their organization in L&S 2022 Conference SEA.

Featured speaker:

Scott Margason

Scott Margason- Executive Vice President, Infopro Learning
Scott is a seasoned professional passionate about education and helping organizations reach their potential. His approach includes leadership through purpose, vision, and mission. Scott has been a pinnacle in delivering executive coaching to develop an uncommon perspective to global clients, supported by diligent preparation, courageous decision making to enable outstanding and sustainable results.


Prem Bhagat – Vice President of Workforce Development, Infopro Learning
In his splendid experience spanning over 20 years, Prem has been a successful HR practitioner and has gained insights on organization’s performance to enable people strategies. He understands talent and their expectations, knows how best to bring an engagement to life. He is an able storyteller and loves to put vision into practice. In his role as the pre-sales and GTM lead, he sits down with customers and sketches their talent development landscape in the new paradigm. A problem solver at heart and creative in his means, he seeks outcomes in every interaction. Prem is deeply committed towards unlocking the potential of workforce by providing a rich, transparent and empathetic work environment and believes the fact that magic happens outside the comfort zone.

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