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    The Success Plan to Unlock Performance


Implementing a performance-led Learning & Development strategy continues to be a tedious task for organizations. Though it’s a known fact that training is always a good investment—but organizations must be able to measure and highlight its role in unlocking performance at scale.

Here, the question arises- how can businesses strategize and implement a Learning success plan that ensures optimum performance?

A Learning success plan that ensures high performance must be personalized, comprehensive, people-centered, equitable, actionable, and information-driven. An effective Learning Success Plan is the one which builds workforces that learn faster, adapt swiftly, and evolve quickly – from capabilities and resilience to innovation and problem-solving. Watch the webinar on demand and discern nitty gritty of driving a Learning Success plan that brings performance transformation in 2022 and beyond.

In this on demand webinar you will get to learn how to

  • Prototype a Learning success plan, incorporate right questions to ask for its success
  • Dissect current state and identify metrics to track success of the program
  • Align outcomes of Learning Success Plan with current, future business milestones


Carol Cohen

Carol Cohen – Learning Strategist, Infopro Learning
Carol Cohen is a learning strategist at Infopro Learning and a fourth-generation educator whose passion for teaching led to a career in corporate sales training and certification. She considers it her mission is to enable the success of others through creative and engaging learning and practice.

Through her entire career span of 20 years, she has managed both complex projects with many resources and large budgets as well as smaller projects. Usually, these projects were long-term and represented a life cycle of design, development and maintenance in response to the learning audience needs. Her focus has always been student-centered learning (now often referred to as participant-centered learning), games in learning and social learning. Designing and developing innovative and engaging e-learning is what energizes her the most! Most recently, her focus has been on performance-based sales certification, establishing a competency model for many roles and developing the courses and exams to support it. She recently designed and developed a very effective onboarding program targeted for the remote worker.

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